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$2.3 Million Verdict Awarded For P320 Flaw

A federal jury awarded a Georgia man $2.3 million in a product liability case against Sig Sauer after he was injured by his P320 pistol, which fired without the trigger being pulled. This marks the first time a Sig Sauer liability case has been found liable for the misfiring P320, despite numerous other lawsuits.

ATLANTA, GA (3-minute read) — A federal jury has awarded a Georgia man $2.3 million verdict in a product liability case against the firearms manufacturer Sig Sauer. The man, Robert Lang, was shot by his own P320 pistol in December 2018 without allegedly pulling the trigger. This case marks a significant milestone, as it is the first time Sig Sauer has been found liable for a misfiring P320 pistol—a gun that has been the subject of numerous lawsuits claiming a design flaw.


Lang, a lifelong gun enthusiast with extensive experience, was removing the P320 from his holster when it discharged, shooting him in the thigh. The incident caused immediate panic and distress, as his wife and son witnessed the accident. Lang described how the gun fired before he could even lift it off his belt. The complaint is below, for anyone who would like to read it.

In the Sig Sauer liability case, the jury found Sig Sauer negligent in the design of the P320, particularly highlighting the absence of a trigger safety. The P320 is one of the most popular firearms in the United States, with over 2.5 million units sold.

A Sig Sauer P320

Is the Sig Sauer Liability Case even warranted?

Sig Sauer does not believe that any P320 design flaw exists.

Sig Sauer has announced plans to appeal the ruling, arguing that Lang did not meet the burden of proof to show a P320 design flaw by being either defectively designed or negligently manufactured.

“Sig Sauer does not believe that the plaintiff has met his burden to prove the P320 model pistol was designed defectively or negligently as claimed,” the company said in a statement. “There are no facts on the record to support that Mr. Lang’s discharge claim was the result of anything other than his own negligent handling causing him to pull the trigger on the P320 pistol.”

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Since 2018, Sig Sauer has faced numerous lawsuits from both civilians and law enforcement officers claiming the P320 is prone to unintentional discharges. Prior to this case, none of these lawsuits had resulted in a finding of liability against the company. However, Sig Sauer did settle two cases out of court, both involving law enforcement officers who suffered leg injuries from their department-issued P320s.

In 2017, concerns about the P320’s safety emerged when a prominent online gun shop reported the gun could fire if dropped at certain angles. This led Sig Sauer to offer a voluntary upgrade, which included modifications to the trigger and striker. Despite these changes, the company insists that the P320, including its original design, is safe.

The P320 gained significant attention in 2017 when the U.S. Army adopted a version of it as its official sidearm under a $500 million deal. The Marine Corps, Air Force, and Navy also selected the Sig Sauer pistol as their duty weapon. Notably, the military versions of the gun, known as the M17 and M18, include an external safety feature.

The $2.3 million verdict could have broad implications for future lawsuits against Sig Sauer and other firearm manufacturers. It highlights the importance of rigorous safety standards and the potential consequences of design flaws in firearms.

Safety Tip: Always practice safe handling of firearms and ensure that any modifications or upgrades are performed by qualified professionals to maintain the safety and reliability of the firearm.

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