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Using thread locker for holster screws on your concealed carry holster is essential for ensuring they stay secure and prevent loosening over time. This guide explains the importance of thread locker and provides practical tips for beginners.

When it comes to concealed carry, ensuring that your holster remains secure and reliable is crucial. Over time, holster screws can loosen, potentially compromising the stability and safety of your holster. One effective solution is using thread locker, a liquid that helps keep screws in place.

This guide will walk you through the basics of using thread locker for holster screws, why it’s important, and provide additional tips for maintaining your holster. Don’t forget to let us know; Do you already use Thread Locker?

What is Thread Locker?

Thread locker, also known as thread-locking fluid, is an adhesive that prevents screws from loosening due to vibration and other movements. It is commonly used in various applications, including firearms, to secure holster screws and ensure they remain secure.

Why Use Thread Locker for Holster Screws?

  1. Prevent Loosening: Concealed carry holsters undergo constant movement, which can cause screws to back out over time. Thread locker provides an additional layer of security, ensuring screws stay tight.
  2. Enhanced Safety: A loose holster can be dangerous, potentially leading to accidental firearm discharge. Using thread locker helps maintain the integrity of your holster, keeping you and those around you safe.
  3. Durability: Thread locker increases the longevity of your holster by preventing wear and tear on the screws.

Types of Thread Locker

There are different types of thread locker, typically categorized by color. The color you’re looking for to prevent loose screws on holster is BLUE. You can pick up the same kind I use here.

  • Blue (Medium Strength): Ideal for holster screws, as it provides a strong hold while still allowing for disassembly with standard tools.
  • Red (High Strength): Provides a very strong bond, usually for more permanent applications. Requires heat to remove.
  • Purple (Low Strength): Suitable for small screws that require occasional adjustment.

How to Apply Thread Locker to Holster Screws

  1. Clean the Screws and Holster: Ensure both the screws and the holster’s screw holes are clean and free of debris.
  2. Apply the Thread Locker: Apply a small amount of thread locker to the threads of the screw. Blue thread locker is recommended for holster screws.
  3. Insert the Screws: Carefully insert the screws back into the holster and tighten them as usual. We want secure holster screws.
  4. Check Firearm Retention: Place your unloaded firearm in the holster to check it’s retention, especially if the screw you put thread locker plays a roll in retention. If it’s not tight enough, tighten the screw some more.
  5. Allow to Cure: Let the thread locker cure for the recommended time (usually 24 hours) before using the holster or placing your firearm in the holster.
Thread locker for holster screws

Additional Holster Maintenance Tips

  • Regular Inspections: Periodically check your holster for any signs of wear or loose screws.
  • Proper Cleaning: Clean your holster regularly to remove dirt and grime that can affect its performance.
  • Practice Safety: Always handle your firearm with care and ensure it is unloaded when performing maintenance.


In the world of concealed carry, attention to detail can make all the difference in terms of safety and reliability. Using thread locker to secure holster screws is a small but significant step in ensuring your holster remains secure. Not only does this prevent the screws from loosening due to everyday movements, but it also extends the lifespan of your holster by reducing wear and tear on the components.

The process of applying thread locker is straightforward, requiring only a few minutes of your time but offering long-term benefits. By incorporating this practice into your regular maintenance routine, you can carry with greater confidence, knowing your equipment is in top condition. Regular inspections and proper cleaning complement the use of thread locker, ensuring that your holster and firearm function as intended when you need them most.

Now that you know the importance of using thread locker for holster screws, make sure to share this information with your friends!

Stay safe and carry confidently.

Safety Tip: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using thread locker to ensure proper application and avoid potential issues.

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