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Armed Pocket-Carrying Citizen Has Negligent Discharge At Chuck E. Cheese

GASTONIA, NORTH CAROLINA — At a Chuck E. Cheese location on Cox Road, a firearm was negligently discharged, fortunately without causing any injuries. The incident occurred as a man was exiting the venue with his child. Police investigations revealed that the firearm went off when the man inadvertently pulled the trigger while his hand was in his pocket.

The presence of police quickly escalated the level of concern among the patrons until it was clear what had happened.

Police say when they arrived to the restaurant, the man and child were already gone. As responsible gun owners, we need to stick around and speak with police after such an incident, or any incident involving our firearms.

Additionally, this avoidable scenario underscores the critical importance of proper firearm handling, especially in public spaces. Carrying a concealed firearm comes with the responsibility to ensure it is secured properly, including a holster that completely covers the trigger, and that it is handled safely to prevent negligent discharges.

Proper training on how to carry and handle firearms safely can prevent such potentially dangerous situations and ensure public safety.

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