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Chicago Suburbs Alerted To Risks Of ‘Senior Assassins’ Game Amid Safety Concerns, Concealed Carrier Nearly Shoots Players

Several Chicago suburbs, including Gurnee, Bartlett, and Arlington Heights, have issued alerts concerning the “Senior Assassins” game played by high school students. This nationwide game has led to worrying incidents due to its nature of tagging opponents with water guns to eliminate them from a tournament-style competition.

Notably in Gurnee, students wearing ski masks and armed with water guns that resembled real firearms caused panic in a restaurant, nearly leading to a dangerous escalation when a concealed carry holder mistook them for actual threats.

The game is a popular annual event among seniors, taking place outside school hours and property, involving players hiding and ambushing their targets in various community locations. However, this has raised safety concerns, as some water guns look alarmingly realistic, leading to 911 calls from residents startled by masked individuals or suspicious activities in their neighborhoods.

Police in these suburbs have responded to multiple incidents, prompting warnings against trespassing and other illegal actions. Despite the game not being illegal, local authorities do not support it, urging participants to use common sense and consider how their actions appear to others.

In certain situations, especially in public areas, the game has led to disorderly conduct charges due to the distress caused. Bartlett officials have advised parents to discuss the game with their children to highlight potential risks and ensure their safety.

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