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GRAPHIC WARNING: Terrorist Attack Leaves Dozens Killed At Concert Hall In Moscow, Building On Fire

A violent attack occurred at the Crocus City Hall music venue near Moscow, involving up to five gunmen in camouflage outfits. They fired automatic weapons at attendees, causing an unspecified number of deaths and injuries. Russian news outlets are reporting at least 40 killed.

The aftermath was chaotic, with 50 ambulance crews dispatched to the scene, and videos circulating online depicted flames and smoke emanating from the venue, alongside the distressing sight of civilians, including women, being targeted and many lying motionless in blood.

The identity and motive of the attackers remain unclear. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin expressed condolences and promised support for the victims. The police and emergency services quickly responded to the crisis, with ongoing concerns for people trapped inside. This attack came after the U.S. embassy’s warning of potential extremist threats in Moscow, closely following the FSB’s report of thwarting an Islamic State plot against a synagogue.

This is a developing story.

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