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Guilty Verdict In Deadly Apple River Stabbing: Nicolae Miu Convicted On Multiple Charges

On July 30, 2022, Nicolae Miu was involved in a deadly altercation on the Apple River in Somerset, Wisconsin, which resulted in the stabbing death of 17-year-old Isaac Schuman and injuries to several others. Recently, after a week-long trial featuring over 40 witnesses, a jury found Miu, 54, guilty of six charges, including first-degree reckless homicide for Schuman’s death.

In addition to the homicide charge, Miu was convicted on multiple counts of recklessly endangering safety, specifically targeting A.J. Martin, Dante Carlson, Tony Carlson, Ryhley Mattison, and a battery charge for an assault on Madison Coen.

The incident occurred near the Sunrise Bridge when Miu, reportedly searching for a friend’s lost cell phone, was accused by fellow rivergoers of suspicious behavior. The situation escalated when more people gathered, and Miu struck Madison Coen. The conflict intensified, leading Miu to stab multiple individuals, resulting in calls to emergency services around 3:47 p.m. reporting severe injuries to five people, with Schuman ultimately succumbing to his wounds.

In his defense, Miu claimed the attack was an act of self-defense, stating he felt threatened and overwhelmed by the unfolding events. Despite these claims, the prosecution pursued not only first-degree intentional homicide charges but also lesser related charges, including second-degree intentional and reckless homicide.

The verdict has been met with mixed reactions. Isaac Schuman’s family expressed gratitude towards supporters and the law enforcement community outside the courtroom, with Isaac’s father emphasizing that justice had been served for his son. In contrast, Miu’s lawyer, Aaron Nelson, expressed disappointment with the jury’s decision.

St. Croix County District Attorney Karl Anderson mentioned that Miu could face nearly 100 years in prison, highlighting the severity of the offenses, though the final sentencing will be determined by the judge. Miu remains in custody, with sentencing expected to take place within six weeks, though no official date has been scheduled.

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