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Ice Cream Vendor Shot – 5 Key Details

The video above is from another incident in California, where an elderly man was robbed at gunpoint while selling ice cream.

A Chicago ice cream vendor was shot on the South Side, leading to a SWAT standoff. The vendor, recovering from his injuries, reflects on the incident, while one suspect faces aggravated battery charges.

CHICAGO, IL (3-minute read) — A Chicago man has been charged in connection with the shooting of an ice cream vendor on Wednesday evening, which escalated into a SWAT standoff in the East Side neighborhood, according to Chicago police.

The incident occurred around 7:30 p.m. when 67-year-old Jose Luis Jimenez, a long-time ice cream vendor, was approached by two individuals on South Ewing Avenue. The situation turned violent when the assailants, dissatisfied with the price of ice cream, pulled out firearms and opened fire, striking Jimenez in the leg. As the suspects attempted to flee, they were quickly surrounded by Chicago police and SWAT officers at the intersection of 108th and Ewing.

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Jimenez, who has been selling ice cream in Chicago for 27 years, was rushed to the University of Chicago Hospital, where he was treated for his injuries and later released in good condition. During the chaos, two female bystanders were present but were unharmed. The swift police response led to an hours-long standoff, culminating in the arrest of both suspects.

The main suspect, identified as 29-year-old Paul Redd, is now facing felony charges, including aggravated battery and assault with a firearm. He appeared in court on Saturday, where he was ordered to remain in custody due to his criminal history and previous non-compliance with court orders.

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In an interview with ABC7, Jimenez recounted the terrifying moments. Initially, the dispute began over the price of ice cream, which the suspect argued was too high. Jimenez attempted to resolve the situation by offering cheaper options, but one suspect revealed a firearm, making his violent intentions clear. Jimenez was shot before he could escape, leading to his hospitalization.

Chicago Shooting of Ice Cream Vendor Highlights Ongoing Safety Concerns

This incident has cast a shadow over Jimenez’s long-standing career. “During every summer for the past 27 years, this has been my job,” he said. “Something I feel very proud of because it’s an honest living.” However, the recent violence has made him reconsider continuing his work as an ice cream vendor.

While charges have been confirmed against Redd, the involvement of the second suspect remains under investigation. The community continues to watch as this case unfolds, hoping for justice and improved safety measures.

Safety Tip: Always be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts. If a situation feels unsafe, prioritize your safety and seek help immediately.

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