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Man Injured In Negligent Discharge At Ice Cream Shop

A man shot himself in the leg at King Kone, an ice cream shop in Whitehall Township, Lehigh County. The injury was not serious, and the incident highlights the importance of firearm safety.

WHITEHALL TOWNSHIP, PA (1-minute read) — A man negligently shot himself at the popular King Kone ice cream shop in Whitehall Township, Lehigh County, on Saturday evening. According to an employee, the gun discharged while it was still in its holster, striking the man in the leg. Fortunately, his injuries were reported to be minor.

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An ambulance arrived on the scene, and while police have not yet confirmed the details.

Incidents like this also highlight the importance of situational awareness. In a busy public place like an ice cream shop, the discharge of a firearm can have serious consequences, potentially injuring not just the firearm owner but also bystanders. Ensuring that firearms are only carried in a secure manner and are handled responsibly can prevent such unfortunate incidents.

For those who choose to carry a firearm, it is also essential to have comprehensive training. Proper training includes not just shooting practice but also learning how to safely carry, store, and maintain a firearm.

Safety Tip: Always keep your firearm holstered using a holster specifically made for that firearm. Regularly inspect your firearm to ensure it is in proper working condition.

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