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Man With Knife Fatally Shot On Bus By Armed Bystander, Police Seeking Shooter

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Authorities are conducting an investigation into a fatal incident where a man was killed during a confrontation on a CTA bus late Tuesday evening, just past 11 pm. The event occurred on Division Street, close to Kostner Avenue.

Per reports from the Chicago Police, an eyewitness recounted that an individual brandishing a knife advanced towards another passenger. In response, the latter individual drew a firearm and repeatedly shot the knife-wielding man, leading to his immediate death at the scene. The deceased was identified as a 53-year-old male.

Following the shooting, the man who fired the shots exited the bus and fled the scene. It’s noted that the buses are equipped with surveillance cameras.

Police are looking for the man who fired the shots. If you are ever involved in a shooting, one of the worst things you can do is flee the scene, unless it’s unsafe to stay in that area. If you do flee, call your attorney and police to tell them that you were involved in a self-defense shooting, and take it from there.

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