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Naked Neighbor Breaks Through Apartment Wall, Is Shot By Family Member On Other Side

ST. LOUSI, MISSOURI — Authorities are looking into a shooting incident as a possible case of self-defense after a man reportedly invaded an apartment while unclothed and made threats against the occupants’ lives.

The event unfolded when St. Louis Police were called to the scene of a shooting in the 900 block of Park Avenue around 2 p.m. on a Friday. Upon arrival, they discovered a man suffering from a gunshot injury to his left hand. He was transported to a medical facility for care.

Initial findings suggest that a 32-year-old individual forcibly entered the living space of the complainant by breaking through a wall. At the time of the breach, he was without clothes and menacingly stated his intent to harm the complainant and the complainant’s family.

In a bid to protect his loved ones, the resident retaliated by firing a weapon at the intruder, resulting in a gunshot wound to the intruder’s hand.

Police are still investigating the matter.

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