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Rock Hill Self-Defense Shooting: Co-Worker Killed During Dispute

A workplace altercation in Rock Hill resulted in a fatal self-defense shooting when a man shot his co-worker during an argument. The incident occurred on Riverwalk Parkway, and the shooter will not face charges.

ROCK HILL, SC (1-minute read) — A shooting incident unfolded in Rock Hill on Wednesday afternoon when a man shot and killed his co-worker during a heated argument, according to the local police department. The incident, which took place around 3:10 p.m. at Riverwalk Parkway near Celriver Road, has been ruled as self-defense, sparing the man from any charges.

The altercation began at their workplace and escalated when the deceased woman got into a car driven by 32-year-old Brittney Reed. As the man was leaving the business, Reed allegedly drove up to block him while he was stopped in traffic. At this moment, the situation turned deadly. The woman approached the man’s passenger side with a firearm, prompting him to draw his handgun and fire multiple shots into her chest.

Reed also reportedly attacked the man by punching him in the face. Despite the immediate rush to Piedmont Medical Center, the woman succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead upon arrival. The police have arrested and charged Reed with assault and battery.

Investigators at the scene recovered two firearms, both presumably involved in the incident.

Importance Of Self-Defense

In the United States, self-defense laws allow individuals to protect themselves when they reasonably believe they are in imminent danger. However, this right comes with the responsibility to use such force only when absolutely necessary.

Safety Tip: Always be aware of your surroundings and de-escalate conflicts whenever possible. Understand your local laws regarding self-defense and use firearms responsibly.

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