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Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro Lineup

When it hit the scene, I knew the Hellcat Pro would be my ideal CCW pistol. It retained the thinness of the original Hellcat while adding a bit more grip and barrel to make it an even more effective fighting pistol. Matching 15+ rounds of 9mm and a 3.7” barrel with the features and feel of its subcompact brother, I figured the Pro was ideal for my needs.

The Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro lineup is extensive, with a range of color finishes and feature options. Desert FDE model with SMSc red dot option is shown here.

I was right.

It seems the Hellcat Pro was right for a lot of people. Springfield Armory expanded the line to more than a dozen models — so far — with something for just about everyone. Let’s go over the Hellcat Pro lineup and see what’s currently offered.

Original Hellcat Pro

While there are many variations of the Hellcat Pro, the original is still an amazing pistol that offers incredible performance in a personal protection pistol. Many people say the heart of a performance gun is in the barrel. Springfield Armory uses a 3.7” hammer-forged barrel in the Hellcat Pro. While it is not labeled as a “match grade” barrel, I’ve found that my gun is extremely accurate. For increased durability and corrosion resistance, the barrel has a Melonite finish.

The body of the gun is a durable black polymer. The grip fills my average-sized hands perfectly without having a pinky hanging off of the bottom. Springfield Armory developed the Adaptive Grip Texture that helps to positively lock the pistol in your hand without making it sharp or abrasive. It lends itself well to long shooting sessions in all kinds of weather.

Forward of the trigger guard, Springfield includes an integral accessory rail. Using the industry-standard rail allows you to add any light or laser to the pistol easily.

In this digital images, we see the original Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro with a black finish. We can also see the iron sights, trigger and pistol slide. The frame is polymer.
The Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro is designed to be the ideal concealed carry pistol with defensive-grade sights, aggressive grip texture and an optics-ready slide.

On top of the frame rides a billet steel slide with excellent gripping serrations machined forward and aft of the ejection port. The slide is melonite-finished to ensure a lifetime of use.

Springfield Armory machines an optics mounting platform into the slide of the Hellcat Pro called OSP (for “Optical Sight Pistol”). It is designed to directly mount any reflex-style sight using the Springfield Micro footprint including the Shield RMSc, HEX Wasp, Swampfox Sentinel and Vortex Defender. Other optics like the Trijicon RMRcc can also mount to the gun with an adaptor plate.

[See this article for how to install a red dot sight on the Hellcat Pro.]

Of course, you may not even want to add an optic after you see the sights. For factory sights, Springfield Armory uses what I consider to be the best factory sights on the market. The U-Dot. The front sight is a large post with a tritium insert that radiates light in low-light conditions. Surrounding the vial is a large photoluminescent ring that is excellent in all lighting environments. The front sight is fast to find.

In the back, Springfield Armory uses a large U-notch rear sight. The wide notch has a white outline that allows you to quickly align the front sight for accurate shooting. Dubbed a Tactical Rack rear sight, the leading edge of the sight has a hard edge designed for one-handed slide manipulation in an emergency.

Springfield Armory includes two magazines with the Hellcat Pro. The first is a flush-fitting 15-round magazine. A second extended magazine that holds 17 rounds is also included. The company also includes a soft storage case for the pistol. The suggested retail price is $649.

There is so much to like about this gun, and I encourage you to read Massad Ayoob’s review of the Hellcat Pro.

Hellcat Pro with Shield SMSc Optic

Although it is an easy process to add a red dot sight to your Hellcat Pro, many people prefer to get one from the factory. If that is you, Springfield Armory offers a model with the Shield SMSc red dot optic. The optic is a lightweight sight with a bright 4 MOA aiming dot. It allows you to get on target fast with quick follow up shots.

In this photo, we see the Hellcat Pro fitted with a Shield SMSc red dot optic. It is a 9x19mm Parabellum handgun designed for personal defense.
This Hellcat Pro is perfectly set up for every day carry with a spare magazine, holster and an SMSc optic.

The pistol has all of the same features as the original Hellcat Pro including the ability to remove the optic or to install a different model should your needs change. With the Shield SMSc sight, the gun carries a MSRP of $859.

Desert FDE Hellcat Pro

If you are like me, you have an appreciation for pistols that are available in a variety of colors. Desert FDE is one of the more popular colors on the market, and this version of the Hellcat Pro looks great.

In the photo we see the Hellcat Pro with the Desert FDE finish. It has all of the standard features common to the line including the Adaptive Grip Texture and u-dot sights.
One very popular Hellcat Pro model is the Desert FDE option. Both the slide and polymer frame are finished in the tan color.

The polymer body has a flat dark earth color that matches the Desert FDE color of the Cerakote finish on the slide. If you are unfamiliar with the Cerakote process, it is a ceramic-based process that coats the metal in a thin but incredibly durable finish that looks amazing.

Functionally, this pistol is the same as the original Hellcat Pro pistol with its intuitive sighting system, Adaptive Grip Texture and optics cut. The MSRP on this gun is $692.

[See the full video review of the Hellcat Pro FDE here.]

State-Compliant Hellcat Pro Models

Springfield Armory recognizes the American citizens who live in states with restrictive gun laws. To that end, the company offers several models intended to meet state compliance standards. The company believes everyone has the right to self-defense and makes guns to reach as many people as possible.

In this photo is a California compliant Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro 9mm pistol.
The California compliant handguns are on the state’s “approved” roster, so they can be sold to residents of the Golden State.

If you live in a region where you are restricted to pistols with 15-round magazines, Springfield Armory manufactures two guns that may be of interest. One has a black finish while the second is finished in Desert FDE. Both of these guns are the same as the analogous models above except for shipping with flush-fitting 15-round magazines only. Suggested retail pricing is the same as above.

For those living in the most restricted states, Springfield also offers a low-capacity version of the original Hellcat Pro. This gun ships with a pair of 10-round magazines. The magazines are flush-fitting and work perfectly in all Hellcat Pro pistols. Likewise, if you later move to a less-restricted jurisdiction, you can upgrade the pistol with any standard-sized 15- or 17-round Hellcat Pro magazine. Although Springfield Armory has to make these magazines special for state compliance, the gun’s price remains the same: $649.

[See Justin Opinion’s evaluation of the state-compliant Hellcat Pro pistol here.]

Threaded Barrel Versions

Suppressors are becoming more and more popular as people understand how they work to protect your hearing and that they aren’t as difficult to legally own as you might believe. It is only natural then for Springfield to offer the Hellcat Pro with threaded barrels. As of the time of this writing, there are three models available.

Standard Threaded Barrel Model

While this Hellcat Pro is nearly identical as the original, it is fitted with a 4.4” barrel with ½”x28 threads. Threading is standard for 9mm pistols meaning you can fit any appropriately sized suppressor or other muzzle device to the gun. For shooting that is safer for your hearing, this is the gun you want to run. Springfield Armory includes a thread protector with the gun for use without a comp or silencer.

In this image is a Springfield Hellcat with a threaded barrel and an attached silencer. 	A silencer, also known as a sound suppressor, suppressor, or sound moderator, is a muzzle device that suppresses the blast created when a gun is discharged, thereby reducing the acoustic intensity of the muzzle report and jump, by modulating the speed and pressure of the propellant gas released from the muzzle.
Springfield Armory offers a number of Hellcat Pro models with threaded barrels. This one is shown fitted with a sound suppressor to protect the shooter’s hearing.

For a completely outfitted pistol, you can add a white light or laser on the accessory rail and a reflex sight on the optics-cut slide. With the excellent U-Dot sights and Adaptive Grip texture, this gun is a shooter. It has all of the features of a full-sized duty pistol, but retains a size that is perfect for concealed carry. It’s a real bargain at the retail price of $667.

[For an in-depth look at the threaded barrel Hellcat Pro pistols, see our article here.]

FDE Threaded Barrel Model

Like the threaded barrel option for the Hellcat Pro but want something a shade cooler? The FDE version of the pistol is a great choice.

Here we see a threaded barrel Hellcat sporting a Desert FDE finish in addition to having a threaded barrel. It is shown with the thread protector attached. A gun barrel is a crucial part of gun-type weapons such as small firearms, artillery pieces, and air guns. It is the straight shooting tube, usually made of rigid high-strength metal, through which a contained rapid expansion of high-pressure gas is used to propel a projectile out of the front end at a high velocity.
This threaded barrel Hellcat sports a Desert FDE finish in addition to having a threaded barrel. It is shown with the thread protector cap attached.

This model combines the excellent concealability of the Hellcat Pro line with the aesthetic appeal of the Desert FDE color. But then, it takes things one step further and adds a 4.4” threaded barrel. With the 1/2×28 threading, you can add most muzzle devices designed for the 9mm cartridge. This includes a suppressor to protect your hearing or a comp to minimize muzzle rise when shooting.

As you might expect, Springfield rounds this model out with both top-notch U-Dot sights and its optics-ready slide. At $710, it sports more features than anyone has a right to expect.

Low-Capacity Threaded Barrel Model

If you need a state-compliant pistol with a threaded barrel, Springfield Armory anticipated your need. This version of the gun has all of the features of the regular threaded barrel Hellcat Pro, but it ships with 10-round magazines only. This allows law-abiding citizens wanting the ultimate in personal defense to buy the gun despite the ineffectual encumbrances imposed by their politicians.

The gun has the same 4.4” hammer-forged steel barrel with a Melonite finish and ½”x28 threading. Springfield Armory includes both a thread protector and a soft-sided carrying case with the gun at purchase. You can mount most micro-sized red dot optics and add a weaponlight to complete the package. The MSRP for this model is $667.

Manual Safety Safety Models

While thumb safeties are not typical on striker-fired pistols, there are many shooters who prefer them. If this is you, Springfield Armory offers four Hellcat Pro models to pique your interest.

Standard Manual Safety Model

If you like a thumb safety on your defensive pistol, Springfield Armory has you covered with the Manual Safety version of the Hellcat Pro. Springfield added a thumb-manipulated manual safety to the frame of the Hellcat Pro that works like those on the 1911. In other words, down to fire and up for safe. This allows you to “ride the safety,” as many 1911 shooters like to do.

If you like a pistol with a thumb safety, Springfield Armory has you covered. The Hellcat Pro is available with an ambidextrous manual safety.
If you like a pistol with a thumb safety, Springfield Armory has you covered. The Hellcat Pro is available with an ambidextrous manual safety.

This Hellcat Pro retains all of the normal features you associate with the original gun, including its compact size, thin grip, optics-ready slide, tritium front sight, Tactical Rack U-notch rear sight, Adaptive Grip Texture and accessory rail. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $649.

[Read a complete review of a Hellcat Pro with a manual safety here.]

Manual Safety and Shield SMSc Red Dot

Want a Hellcat Pro that’s ready to go out of the box? This is the manual safety version of the Hellcat Pro that is right for you. From the factory, it comes with a mounted Shield SMSc red dot sight. This sight uses a 4 MOA dot for rapid target acquisition. As described above, the SMSc has a robust polymer body to keep weight down while offering excellent ruggedness.

Shooters who like the thumb safety are not relegated to a basic model only. Springfield Armory offers the Hellcat Pro with SMSc sight in addition to the thumb safety.
Shooters who like the thumb safety are not relegated to a basic model only. Springfield Armory offers the Hellcat Pro with SMSc sight in addition to the thumb safety.

The manual safety is an ambidextrous design and is activated by the thumb. The gun includes a pair of magazines: a flush-fitting magazine holding 15 rounds of 9mm and an extended mag that wrangles 17 rounds. The MSRP is $859.

[Want to learn more about these unique 17-round magazines? See Jeremy Tremp’s video here.]

Manual Safety, 15-Round Magazines

Some jurisdictions, such as the state of Colorado, limit handgun magazines to 15 rounds or less. For these areas, this is the Hellcat Pro for you. This version comes with a pair of flush-fitting 15-rounders. It also includes a soft-sided, zippered case.

As with the other guns, this pistol features the Adaptive Grip Texture, an accessory rail, a 3.7” barrel and a tritium front sight with a Tactical Rack rear sight. It is also optics-ready. The gun’s suggested retail price is $649.

Manual Safety, Low Capacity

For jurisdictions with more draconian restrictions, Springfield Armory also offers a manual safety model with a pair of 10-round magazines. Springfield’s approach is to support citizens needing quality arms for self-defense no matter where they live. If that’s you, this Hellcat Pro is a great choice.

While the magazine capacity is limited, the features are not. It is packed with all of the things you want: U-Dot sights with a tritium front sight and U-notch rear, Adaptive Grip Texture, accessory rail and a red dot sight mount. The full retail price is $649.

Exclusive Models

Even with the company offering so many different options, there are still opportunities for “small batch” versions of the Hellcat Pro. For people seeking something a bit different, here are several exclusive models that may fit your needs.

Platinum Gray

Firearms distributor Sports South teamed up with Springfield Armory to create a Platinum Gray Hellcat Pro. This model offers all of the important features of the original pistol, and then adds a Cerakoted Platinum Gray slide for a subtle two-tone look. The slide is cut for a red dot optic with the same Springfield Micro footprint of the other pistols in this line.

Shown here is the Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro with the Platinum Gray finish. This is an exclusive model available through Sports South.
Shown here is the Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro with the Platinum Gray finish. This is an exclusive model available through Sports South.

On top of that beautiful slide is the great U-Dot sights that are fast for getting accurate rounds on target. The black polymer frame uses the Adaptive Grip Texture for a solid hold on the gun. Two magazines come with the pistol: a 15-rounder and a 17-rounder. The MSRP on this limited edition is $670.

[You can read more on the Cerakote process in our article Common Coatings and Finishes for Modern Guns.]

Burnt Bronze

For a dramatic look, the Burnt Bronze version of the Hellcat Pro might be your perfect choice. Lipsey’s and Springfield Armory teamed up to create this limited-edition pistol. With a black frame and controls, this gun sports a Cerakoted Burnt Bronze slide that catches the eye. As this is one of the more popular Cerakote colors for firearms, this Hellcat Pro will surely be a hit.

Burnt Bronze finish on Hellcat Pro
Another popular model is the exclusive Burnt Bronze Cerakote finished Hellcat Pro. It is available only through Lipsey’s.

The slide has an optics cut and U-Dot combat sights. A pair of magazines and a soft-sided pistol case are included with the Hellcat Pro. The suggested retail price on this striking pistol is $692.

[See Will Dabb’s Burnt Bronze Hellcat Pro review here.]

Robin’s Egg Blue

Probably the brightest gun in the series, this Davidson’s exclusive Hellcat Pro features a Robin’s Egg Blue frame paired with a stainless steel slide. The two-tone look jumps out at you and is a real conversation starter at the range.

Another limited edition model is this Hellcat Pro with Robins Egg Blue finish. It is exclusive to the firearms distributor Davidson's.
Another limited edition model is this Hellcat Pro with Robins Egg Blue finish. It is exclusive to the firearms distributor Davidson’s.

Controls, including the trigger and magazine release, are black as is the cover for the optics mount. Included with the pistol are a 15-round magazine, 17-round magazine and a double-zipper soft case for storing the handgun. The gun is available exclusively through the gun distributor Davidson’s and carries a MSRP of $692.

Final Thoughts

I find that the Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro series offers a reliable and versatile CCW choice for all types of shooters. With its range of models, including state-compliant and manual safety versions, the Hellcat Pro caters to diverse needs while maintaining Springfield’s high standards. I believe the Hellcat Pro a standout choice in the CCW market.

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