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Taurus Releases Expedition Bolt-Action Rifle

Taurus Releases Expedition Bolt-Action Rifle

Taurus has just released the Expedition hunting rifle in .308 Winchester, the company’s first bolt-action.

Taurus of Brazil is well known for its affordable revolvers and semi-auto pistols, but the company has just made a surprising move with the release of its first-ever bolt-action rifle. Called the Expedition, it’s chambered for .308 Winchester and was designed with hunters in mind.


The Expedition’s action is based on the ubiquitous Remington 700 pattern, good news for anyone planning on swapping out parts. As for the barrel, it’s 18 inches long, made of stainless steel and Taurus says that it’s capable of delivering sub-MOA accuracy.


Other features of the Expedition worth mentioning include its threaded barrel and its use of AICS-pattern magazines (one 5-round mag included). The stock has a few tricks up its sleeve too, as it features an M-LOK attachment point at the bottom of the stock, an integrated Spartan Precision attachment point and a scallop cut for resting in a gun saddle. The receiver is obviously drilled and tapped for a scope as well (6-48) and the rifle weighs just over 7 pounds unloaded.


The Taurus Expedition is available now and MSRP is $984.99.

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