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Teen Pulls Gun On Crowded Beach In Florida During Spring Break, Because Thug Life

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FLORIDA — A 16-year-old, identified as Felixander Solis-Guzman, was apprehended on Thursday at New Smyrna Beach amid a crowd of spring breakers, after brandishing a firearm. The Volusia Sheriff’s Office, responding to alerts from the public, encountered Solis-Guzman as he pointed the weapon at another individual and attempted to flee by running along the beach and into the ocean.

There, he discarded the gun and a bag containing 20 packets of marijuana before surrendering.

Solis-Guzman faces multiple charges, including firearm possession by a minor, drug sale, resisting an officer, and aggravated assault on law enforcement. Additionally, he will be tried as an adult, as announced by the State Attorney, citing his reckless endangerment with drugs and a weapon during Spring Break.

Solis-Guzman, also wanted on no-bond warrants for armed robbery and probation violation in Orange County, was taken for processing and later to the Department of Juvenile Justice. No injuries were reported in the incident, which has left beachgoers both stunned and concerned.

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