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Trinity Hills Self-Defense Shooting: Homeowner Not Charged After Shooting Intruder

TRINITY HILLS, TN (2-minute read) – In a tense early morning encounter in Trinity Hills, a homeowner shot a burglary suspect in self-defense. The incident occurred on Shreeve Lane just before 6 a.m. Saturday.

Anton Cosby, 32, faces multiple charges after allegedly attempting to break into a home. The homeowner and his family were startled awake by loud banging on their front door and windows. In response, the homeowner armed himself and warned Cosby to leave, stating he would use his firearm if necessary.

Ignoring the warnings, Cosby broke the kitchen window and attempted to enter the house, prompting the homeowner to shoot him once in the arm. Cosby dropped his revolver by the kitchen sink and fled, only to be found shortly after by police officers. Despite his injuries, Cosby resisted aid from officers and was subsequently taken to Skyline Medical Center with a non-critical gunshot wound.

The District Attorney’s office has reviewed the case and confirmed that the homeowner’s actions were justified in self-defense. Consequently, no charges will be pressed against him.

Cosby will be charged with aggravated burglary, felony vandalism, and illegal firearm possession both during a felony and while intoxicated, pending his recovery.

Firearm Safety Tip: Always secure your firearm in a safe location but ensure it is accessible in case of emergency. Proper training on how to handle situations safely and legally can prevent potential tragedies.

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