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Trump Gun License Revoked By NYPD Soon After Felony Convictions: Reports

Trump Gun License Revoked soon? Donald Trump’s concealed carry license in New York is going to be revoked by the NYPD following his felony convictions, according to reports. This revocation would follow the suspension of his license in April 2023 after his indictment on criminal charges.

NEW YORK, NY (2-minute read) — Donald Trump’s concealed carry license in New York may soon be revoked by the New York Police Department (NYPD), following his recent felony convictions. The decision, if accurate based on reports, would mark a significant legal development in the aftermath of his high-profile court case. A senior police official revealed to CNN that the NYPD is in the final stages of formally revoking the former president’s license.

The revocation process began in April 2023 when Trump’s concealed carry license was suspended after his indictment on multiple criminal charges. As part of the suspension, Trump’s pistols, for which he had a legal carry permit, were handed over to the NYPD. According to a police official, one of Trump’s licensed firearms was legally relocated to Florida.

Trump Gun License Revoked soon? It’s likely.

The Trump concealed carry permit could be a thing of the past. The NYPD’s legal bureau is conducting a thorough investigation, which is expected to conclude with the permanent revocation of Trump’s concealed carry license. This action aligns with federal law, which prohibits firearm possession by individuals convicted of felonies. Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon is a serious federal offense, carrying significant legal consequences.

If we do in fact see the headline “Trump gun license revoked,” we’ll be sure to follow up with the details.

Safety Tip: Always stay informed about local and federal firearm laws. Responsible gun ownership includes understanding and complying with all legal requirements to avoid severe penalties and ensure community safety.

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