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Why We Carry: Nail Salon Owner Beaten By 3 Strangers [VIDEO]

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — Nathan Nguyen, owner of The Nail Palace in Las Vegas, is recovering from an attack that occurred at his salon. The assault, captured on video, involved four individuals and is under investigation by police. The incident began when a woman, who had initially come for a pedicure but was just looking to use the bathroom, returned with three others after Nguyen said no.

On her way out, she broke a potted plant by throwing it on the floor.

She returned with three others who brutally attacked Nguyen, stealing his phone, and fled in a red sedan. Nguyen, confused about the motive for the attack, expressed his innocence and shock. His spouse and business co-owner, Nick Hardman, likened the aftermath to a “horror movie” and emphasized the randomness and severity of the attack. The neighboring business is aiding the investigation by providing additional video footage to the police.

Police are trying to identify the suspects, two of which are pictured below:

2 of the 3 suspects police say where involved in the attack.

Having a means of self-defense can go a long way in a situation like this, but remember that it could be you against a group of attackers. Early recognition of the attack is important, if ever possible, and training with your defensive tool(s) is critical. Additionally, discussing a plan with others before an incident occurs can help to keep everyone on the same page with what to do and how to react to such an encounter.

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