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Azimuth Technologies Ships 2 Millionth Bolt Carrier Group

Azimuth Technologies shipped its two millionth bolt carrier group in late June, according to company Chief Operation Officer Tommy Thacker, who is highly regarded as among the best competitive shooters and firearm instructors today. The firm is based out of a 100,000-square-foot facility in Naples, FL, with 266 CNC machines and 250 personnel.

“We have an amazing staff, and we take pride in supporting our partners in the industry,” Thacker stated last week, adding, “this milestone is something that we are all immensely proud of.”

Azimuth Technologies was founded in 2011 by LeNoir Zaiser III and Len Zaiser IV. The latter is currently chief executive officer of the company.

The pair brought more than 50 years of precision manufacturing and business experience to the venture. The firm sources all materials from the United States and everything it makes is also proudly American made. 

In 13 short years the company has quickly gained traction in the industry as both an OEM and aftermarket supplier. One of the reasons is LeNoir’s decades of experience in manufacturing lifesaving medical equipment, as well as aerospace and DoD products. The same precision and dedication to quality is top priority at Azimuth. 

Another catalyst, one that honors that mission, is the vast number of qualifications the company earned along the way. It is ISO 9001: 2005 compliant, as well as Department of Defense and U.S. Department of State vetted and authorized. It’s registered to handle International Trade in Arms Regulations and can legally export and import defense-related products and services on the United States Munitions Lists.

Azimuth currently offers firearm components, assemblies and aftermarket equipment. That list includes precision bolt carrier groups, drop-in, match pistol barrels, pistol slides, AR barrels, NFA components and more. Its products are in use by law enforcement, militaries and civilians across the globe. 

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