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Ballistic Eyewear That Fits Your Lifestyle

Magpul is known for its extremely diverse line of polymer firearm accessories and magazines. If you need a stock for a Remington 700 they got you covered. Likewise, if you’re at a gun shop looking at the wall of AR15s, chances are most of them have a Magpul buttstock or come with Magpul magazines. However, many people don’t realize that the company has molded itself into more of a lifestyle brand over recent years. For example, Magpul now offers a large line of accessories like its ballistic eye protection.

Magpul Ballistic Eye Protection

The company now offers a full line of apparel, including socks, hats, belts, gloves, and even wallets. You also can find pouches, dry bags, case organizers, and the best sticker packs in the world. Not to mention, my personal favorite from the company—eye protection.

(Photo by Magpul)

At the 2023 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous event in Idaho, Magpul impressed everyone with their newest additions to the eyewear lineup. Eye protection is something very important to me after nearly losing an eye a while back. So, I love it when a company actually puts thought into its eye pro.

Magpul’s eyewear is not only stylish but all of the models are ballistic-rated. So, you can wear them daily as sunglasses and don’t have to change on the range. Here are a few of my favorite models that Magpul offers and an explanation of exactly why I love them.


The Defiant.
(Photo by Magpul)

First on my list is the latest innovation in eye protection that Magpul has to offer. These glasses provide incredible comfort while boasting extreme impact protection. In fact, they give you Z87+ ballistic protection, and they have been tested to MIL-PRF-32432 ballistic standards.

The lens’s shape is perfect for large and medium-sized faces, and the contour ensures you won’t lose any peripheral vision. Likewise, the design allows for maximum side protection coverage.

The quick-release lever system allows the user to easily switch between different lens options. In addition, the unique lens and frame interface enhances the lens’ ability to flex when worn, optimizing user fit. Similarly, its 7-base curvature is purpose-built for optimal clarity and light transmission.

Critical touch points, such as the rubber over-molded temple pads and the soft rubber nose pads, keep the Defiant comfortable and in place, even when you’re covered in sweat or on the move. The Defiant’s temples are specifically designed to eliminate pressure points while wearing over-the-ear hearing protection. Likewise, they integrate seamlessly with helmets or headwear.

The Defiant glasses come with a large black DAKA Can storage case and a Magpul Lens Bag made of lens-safe cleaning material. Their MSRP is $109 for non-polarized versions and $139 for Polarized options. As a result, these glasses will protect your eyes and look good without breaking the bank.


Magpul Eye Protection: The Helix.
(Photo by Magpul)

The next pair of glasses I am very fond of is the Helix. The Magpul Helix is designed with an active lifestyle in mind. No matter what the conditions are these glasses provide superior clarity, contrast, comfort, and impact protection whenever you need it.

The rimless design gives you an uncompromised field of view, breathability, and professional-grade eye protection. Similarly, the open bottom design allows the Helix to really shine in humid or wet environments where moisture and condensation cause normal lenses to fog up. Its lens and frame design sheds sweat and moisture, keeping your field of view clear while still allowing airflow.

The interchangeable lens system also allows the user to switch the lenses with a clear lens for lower-light operations. This also makes for easy lens replacement when needed. The Helix is ballistic rated to Z87+ and MIL-PRF 32432 standards. Additionally, the lightweight frames are constructed of TR90 for strength, flexibility, and impact protection.

These glasses come with a black DAKA Can storage case and a Magpul Lens Bag made with lens-safe cleaning material. The Helix glasses come with an MSRP of $99 for non-polarized and $129 for polarized versions.


The Santini.
(Photo by Magpul)

A new design from Magpul is the Santini. The Magpul Santini is a metal wire frame design based on iconic Aviators with a slight shape twist. Magpul took this classic look and gave it ballistic-rated lenses for day-to-day sunglasses that provide protection when needed.

The lightweight, adjustable metal frame has a matte silver finish and fits medium to large face profiles. It features a low-profile temple design to maintain comfort while wearing hats or over-the-ear hearing protection. Likewise, fully adjustable nose pads provide comfortable all-day wear and can fit most faces with ease.

The Santini’s thermoplastic lenses are ANSI Z87.1 ballistic-rated and include an oleophobic treatment. They shed liquid and won’t be destroyed by water, sweat, or chemicals. These glasses come in a Polarized gray-green or Non-Polarized Gray lens to give you the premium clarity and contrast you need from a great pair of shades.

Like the others, they come with a black DAKA Can storage case and a Magpul Lens Bag made with lens-safe cleaning material. MSRP non-polarized is $119, and the polarized option is $149.


Magpul Eye Protection: The Rift.
(Photo by Magpul)

Probably my favorite glasses are the Magpul Rift—mainly because of the frame color options. The green camo frames are amongst my favorites in the collection. The Rift’s frame coverage is incredible for shooting and protection. Likewise, the increased temple height provides substantial side protection from light and debris. Thus making them the perfect frame for brighter days on the water or at the range.

The frame is constructed of TR90, and the lenses have been impact-tested and safety-rated. As a result, they provide the all-around protection your eyes need with a Z87+ ballistic rating.

Generally made to fit medium and large faces, the rubber over-molded nose pads keep them securely in place no matter what you’re up to. The Rift is durable and incredibly strong, yet comfortable enough to be worn all day. The Polarized version starts at only $99, while the non-polarized versions are only $69.

For some incredible sunglasses that also work perfectly on the range while fitting into your everyday life, check out Magpul. While there, make sure to check out the company’s line of everyday apparel, as well.

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