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Blaser F16 Pro Series: Competition 12-Gauge Over-Under Shotgun

Blaser just announced the release of its newest shotgun, targeting high-end clay sport shooters. The Blaser F16 Pro Series over-under shotgun comes in both right- and left-hand models, chambered in 12-gauge and out-of-the-box ready to compete and win.

Blaser F16 Pro Series Shotgun

The new shotgun design reduces recoil and muzzle jump for easier target-to-target transitions. New features include and adjusted pitch angle, allowing a more comfortable flush-fit mount on the shoulder. Meanwhile, the design further disperses felt recoil. Added weight in the stock and barrel deliver balance while also aiding in recoil reduction. A new Kick-EEZ butt pad addresses felt recoil as well.

The F16 Pro Series comes with 32-inch barrels utilizing RHINO’s 13-port “pigeon porting” system. RHINO G1 series chokes incorporate a GP30 nonstick coating, as used by Cory Kruse in competition. The new features converge to create a system that significantly reduces muzzle jump and felt recoil, according to Blaser.

“We worked closely with Cory to add key features, that have aided him as a national and world-champion shooter, into a more moderately priced competition shotgun that is truly tournament ready out of the box,” said Jason Evans, CEO, Blaser Group. “The reduced recoil and balance of the F16 Pro Series make it a dream to shoot.”

“The teamwork between Blaser and Rhino, and their trust in my recommendation to produce this special shotgun, has been fantastic. It’s rewarding to see our vision finally come to fruition,” said Kruse. “This F16 Pro Series shotgun will help any competitor reach a higher potential of success, while making clay shooting more fun.”

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Blaser F16 Pro Series Shotguns

  • Right-Hand Model: $6,675
  • Left-Hand Model: $7,165

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