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Concealed Carry Apparel for 2024: Remove the Excuses

I love that it’s 2024, and the apparel options for concealed carry are endless. We live in the easiest time in the world to safely carry a concealed handgun. And half of the options don’t even require belt loops!

Concealed Carry Apparel Options for 2024

Thanks to brands like Arrowhead Tactical Apparel, 5.11 Tactical, Crossbreed Holsters, and others, we can carry a gun in comfort. Not to mention off body in a place that is just as accessible as your waistline.

These are all options I actually carry with—and swear by—due to their durability, flexibility, and comfort.

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel Carrier Joggers, Shorts, and Belt

Just recently, a new company popped up on my radar with comfortable joggers and shorts made specifically for women (and, of course, you men out there). That company is Arrowhead Tactical Apparel.

Arrowhead recently collaborated with none other than ROSE by SIG SAUER with Lena Miculek. As a result, the collaboration brings the ultimate in comfortable clothing for concealed carry for women. These are two pieces that make carrying a gun on your body simple and comfortable. Likewise, they keep your firearm stable, even when running, hiking, or moving around.

Concealed Carry Apparel: Arrowhead Tactical Apparel SIG ROSE collection.

The Carrier Joggers and Carrier Shorts have internal loops that are most compatible with the Arrowhead Tactical Omnicarry Retention Belt. While it’s not recommended to use other belts, most 1.5-inch retention belts will fit the Carrier Retention Waistband.

The Omnicarry belt reminds me of seatbelt material and is rigid enough to keep a gun upright. However, it is comfortable enough that the material doesn’t irritate your skin.

First, set the belt to your waist size by threading the belt through the belt loops in the carrier apparel. Next, attach the buckle to the belt. Then, once you’re ready to roll, simply use the hook to link the ends of the belt together.

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel Omnicarry belt.

The Carrier Joggers are just as comfortable as your favorite sweatpants at home and include two deep pockets that are great for clipping a light or knife onto.

The ROSE Carrier Shorts don’t have external pockets but rather dual phone pockets built into the liner of the shorts. The liner features silicone leg grippers to keep it from riding up, which also prevents your legs from chaffing together.

Concealed Carry Apparel: Arrowhead Tactical Apparel SIG ROSE collection.

All the clothing options and the belt are available in multiple sizes.

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5.11 Tactical & Crossbreed’s Modular Holster

5.11 Tactical & Crossbreed’s Modular Holster.

I call this setup my lazy girl setup. When I don’t want to wear a belt, and especially when I’m traveling in the car for 5-10 hours, this is my go-to concealed carry method.

5.11 Tactical makes multiple types of sling bags for concealed carry with Velcro lining and adjustable belts. Likewise, they typically always have other pockets and features to store your phone, wallet, and keys in. The best holster I have found on the market for any Velcro-lined bag is the Modular Holster from Crossbreed Holsters.

5.11 Tactical & Crossbreed’s Modular Holster.

Drawing a gun from the 5.11 Tactical bag is simple and easy. However, it does take some dry fire and live fire practice. 5.11 includes two zippers on the top to set them up for a left or right-hand unzip process.

The Modular Holster sits the gun upright, so all you have to do is draw with your strong hand parallel to your body. Crossbreed also manufactures spare magazine pouches with the same backing as the Modular Holster. So, you can store a spare magazine right next to your gun. This is similar to how you would with a sidecar holster setup in Appendix carry.

Concealed Carry Apparel: 5.11 Tactical & Crossbreed’s Modular Holster.

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Clip&Carry Strapt-Tac Belly Band & UM Tactical Holster

I randomly found the Clip&Carry Strapt-Tac Belly Band one day while shopping on Amazon and found that this system is compatible with most holster clips. I prefer on-body carry and have found that some belly bands are too bulky. Not to mention, they can be uncomfortable for all-day wear, and some don’t properly retain a pistol.

Concealed Carry Apparel: Clip&Carry Strapt-Tac Belly Band & UM Tactical Holster.

The Strapt-Tac Belly Band is extremely comfortable with soft material that sits against your body in whatever position you carry. For example, appendix carry, 3 o’clock, or 4 o’clock. There are two versions—an appendix rig size and a holster size. So, be sure to select the right one depending on how you carry.

It has a loop for the Velcro strap to feed through. So, you can tighten the belly band to your waist or stomach size, depending on what height you wear it. The holster itself sits in its own pouch, so the gun isn’t up against your skin in any way. Likewise, the belly band acts as a barrier.

The outer material where the holster clips on is extremely durable and thick. For this reason, it can accommodate full-size, compact, or even subcompact firearms.

I paired the Clip&Carry Strapt-Tac Belly Band with a UM Tactical holster for my Glock 43. I’ve found the most concealable way to wear this setup is with the belly band tucked into my pants. So, just the grip of the gun is accessible under my shirt. I can run, hike, and bicycle easily and in total comfort.

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Ukoala Phoenix Standard Bag & Crossbreed’s Modular Holster

I kind of can’t live without my Phoenix everyday carry bag now when walking around tradeshows or traveling through airports. I love being hands-free and haven’t worn or used a traditional purse in over a decade now.

Ukoala Phoenix Standard Bag & Crossbreed’s Modular Holster.

These utility bags from UUB Gear are loaded with pockets, Velcro, smaller loops, and more, holding almost anything you can think of. But best of all, they can conceal a handgun that is easily accessible without being in a zippered compartment.

The Phoenix bag has a quick-draw covered, hand-breach design. Correspondingly, your handgun sits upright (in a holster) inside the bag, supported against your thigh. Simply reach in, grip your firearm, and pull straight up parallel to your body until the gun is free of the bag.

The Crossbreed Modular Holster is ordered specifically for your handgun make and model. The backing is made of Velcro, and the material of the bag is so strong that this holster is challenging to remove once you set it up for your draw.

Concealed Carry Apparel: Ukoala Phoenix Standard Bag & Crossbreed’s Modular Holster.

What I love about this bag is it can be strapped around your waist and thigh. However, it can also be set up as a backpack, sling purse, and other configurations. The Phoenix bag also has a hidden back pocket, a single front pouch to store your phone, a side pocket for a flashlight or lipstick, and two other zippered pouches (one Velcro lined) with more storage options.

I can store my wallet, keys, knives, and even a spare magazine in the internal Velcro pouch. So, when you see me rolling around town with this bag, know it’s for comfort and concealment.

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Zendira Full Size Friday Concealed Carry Belt Bag & UM Tactical Trigger Guard

As I mentioned, I haven’t carried a traditional purse in over a decade. However, I am a big fan of sling purses and any bags that allow me to be hands-free. Zendira makes some incredible traditional concealed carry purses for women. But my favorite is “The Full-Size Friday Concealed Carry Belt Bag.”

Zendira Full Size Friday Concealed Carry Belt Bag & UM Tactical Trigger Guard.

I love how sleek this bag looks, its simplicity, and how easy it is to store a fully loaded firearm. Not to mention the ability to deploy it in seconds.

The Friday bag comes in a right-hand or left-hand draw. In addition, it is designed to clip in a trigger guard for your specific handgun make and model. The gun is stored in a simple magnetic clasp compartment that opens when you insert your hand to draw your gun.

Concealed Carry Apparel: Zendira Full Size Friday Concealed Carry Belt Bag & UM Tactical Trigger Guard.

I like to use my support hand to hold the front of the purse while I draw the gun out with enough force that the trigger guard releases from the gun. Then, I join my hands together and push out to point the gun at my intended target.

If you prefer the Crossbreed Modular Holster instead, Zendira will include one in your order. But only if they have the make, model, and light/laser combination.

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The Right Concealed Carry Apparel Offers Zero Excuses

The firearms industry is truly working together to make concealed carry possible. This is regardless of what body type you have, what clothing you wear, or what gun you have. And these companies are taking every excuse away.

I love trying new setups and testing these carry methods out for myself. Likewise, I love that I can carry safely and comfortably, no matter what clothing I feel like wearing. No matter what kind of activity I’m off to do, I can carry a gun every day of my life.

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