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First Look: CCI Upper Cut Ammunition

CCI Ammunition, one of the premier manufacturers of rimfire cartridges and ammunition, has launched a new .22LR cartridge loaded with a heavy, copper-plated, 32-grain skived hollowpoint bullet meant to perform and expand when fired from shorter-barreled defensive .22LR caliber firearms. CCI calls this new defensive rimfire cartridge the .22LR Upper Cut.

“We recognized that there are a growing number of people that have chosen .22LR for their defense pistol for various reasons,” said Jason Slinkard, CCI’s Rimfire Product Director. “We felt it was the right time to produce the best round for those consumers to use for protection. What makes this product stand out is its plating thickness. Typically, our .22LR bullets, such as our popular Mini-Mag line, have a thin flash plate that requires wax to keep the barrel from leading,” explained Slinkard. “The heavy copper plating on Uppercut measures six thousandths of an inch. This design feature is a key to its overall effectiveness as a self-defense bullet.”

The CCI .22LR Upper Cut cartridge is optimized for semi-automatic .22 caliber pistols with barrel lengths ranging from 2.5 to 4 inches.

.22LR CCI Rimfire Upper Cut Features:

  • 32-grain jacketed hollowpoint bullet
  • Nose skiving ensures petals peel back for uniform and consistent expansion
  • Velocity optimized for performance through semi-automatic handguns with 2.5 to 4-inch barrels
  • Extremely reliable CCI priming and propellant
  • Unwaxed bullet reduces fouling and improves feeding in all temperature ranges

CCI Upper Cut .22 Long Rifle ammunition comes packaged in boxes of fifty cartridges and has a standard retail price of $12.99. To learn more about this new defensive cartridge or other ammunition sold by CCI Ammunition, please visit

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