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First Look: DeSantis Holsters for the Rost-Martin MR1C

Following the 2024 release of the new polymer-frame, striker-fired Rost Martin RM1C 9 mm pistol, DeSantis Gunhide is now offering two of its more-popular holster choices to fit this newly launched pistol. These options include the DeSantis Thumb Break Mini Slide holster and the Mini Slide holster with no thumb break.

The DeSantis Gunhide Thumb Break Mini Slide is an OWB (outside the waistband) leather holster that is constructed from premium saddle leather and offers a tight molded fit for increased retention. In addition to the fit from the molding, the holster is constructed with an additional tensioning device that is user configurable to meet your needs, and there is a thumb break strap for even more retention. The Thumb Break Mini Slide is cut with 1.75-inch wide belt loops in order to work with the majority of concealed carry/EDC (everyday carry) gun belts on the market. The Thumb Break Mini Slide has a starting retail price of $92.

The DeSantis Mini Slide holster is very similar to the DeSantis Thumb Break Mini Slide in that it’s a leather OWB carry holster made from premium saddle leather. Unlike its sibling, the DeSantis does not feature a thumb break strap. This holster also makes use of 1.75-inch wide belt loops and has a standard retail price of $91.

The Rost Martin RM1C is a 9mm, polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol that was released into the market in 2024 from a Texas-based startup gun company, Rost Martin. The Rost Martin RM1C is roughly modeled after the third generation striker-fired Glock pattern semi-automatic pistol action, with more modern features and a unique take on what a compact sized, carry friendly, double stack 9mm striker-fired pistol should look like.

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