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First Look: G9 Defense Barrier Blind Solid Copper Hollow Point Ammo

G9 Defense is coming out with a new cartridge, the .308 Win. 145-grain Barrier Blind Solid Copper Hollow Point round. The Barrier Blind Solid Copper Hollow Point bullet provides exceptional barrier penetration, great expansion and 18 inches of penetration with nearly 100-percent bullet weight retention. Compared to other offerings on the market, the G9 Barrier Blind Hollow Points stand out in common barrier penetration and demonstrate zero to minimal deflection through windshields, car doors and the bones of big game animals.

The .308 Win. 145-grain Barrier Blind Hollow Point is a non-lead alternative that is claimed to perform better than traditional lead-based projectiles. By design, any traditional hunting bullet is going to result in exposing game meat to lead, and lead fragmentation appears in nearly every game carcass where the projectile expanded. The BBHP is compliant with California law and can be used anywhere that hunting with lead is prohibited. 

Upon contact with an intended target, the BBHP bullet opens to two- to two-and-a-half-times its diameter, producing a consistent 18-inch long wound track every time, which, combined with nearly 100-percent weight retention, make this round well-suited for hunting or defense. Thanks to the CNC manufacturing of the bullet, expansion is also reliable, more so than traditional jacketed hollowpoints. In conventional ammunition, the jacket often separates from the core, spoiling any chance of uniform terminal performance. This is not the case with G9’s machined solid copper projectiles. The three petals open and do not fold over beyond maximum expansions during terminal impacts. 

The G9 Defense 145-grain .308 Win. round is also available with Alpha Brass. The Optimized Case Head Design (OCD) of this brass far exceeds performance standards typically associated with cases. This elevated level of performance combined with uncanny consistency makes Alpha brass the obvious match for the .308 Win. Barrier Blind solid brass projectile line.

G9 .308 Win 145 grain Barrier Blind Specifications:

  • Caliber: .308 Win.
  • Bullet: 145-grain copper solid
  • Velocity: 2,950 fps (24-inch barrel)
  • Packaging: 20-count box

MSRP for a box of G9 .308 Win 145 grain Barrier Blind ammo is $58.99, and more information is available at

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