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First Look: Gideon Optics Advocate Prism Sight

Gideon Optics has recently launched a new non-magnified prismatic optic, the Gideon Advocate. This compact optic works and feels like a 1X non-magnified red dot. However, unlike a traditional red dot, which has an LED array to reflect a beam of light against the lens, the Gideon Advocate uses an illuminated, etched reticle much like a traditional riflescope. This feature can be very useful for shooters who suffer from astigmatism and other vision issues. Traditional riflescopes bend and pass light through the optic to the shooter’s eye, but prismatic lenses and glass components are arranged differently inside the optic’s housing in order to accomplish this task. Rather than use a system of lenses, prismatic optics use prisms, which is part of the reason why then tend to be more compact than regular riflescopes in the lower magnification ranges.

The Gideon Advocate is designed for shorter distance, CQB style shooting and use a large upright triangular precision aiming point that is 12 MOA across. That triangle sits inside a segmented circle that is 105 MOA across. This creates a reticle that works for both precision shots and for faster engagements on larger targets. The reticle is illuminated via a single CR 2032 battery. The Advocate has multiple levels of illumination brightness and a claimed average of 30,000-hour battery life. It is fully adjustable for both windage and elevation, and its click values move the reticle 1 inch per MOA (1 click is equivalent to moving the reticle one inch over at 100 yards).

Gideon Advocate Features and Specifications:

  • Housing: 6061 Anodized black aluminum
  • Objective Lens: 20mm
  • Windage and Elevation Adjustment Range: 90 MOA
  • Click Values: 1 MOA
  • Field-of-View: 79 feet at 100 yards
  • Waterproof rating: IPX7
  • Reticle: Etched, illuminated; 12-MOA triangle inside 105-MOA segmented circle

The new Advocate prism sight retails for $230 and can be purchased directly from Gideon Optics. To learn more about this new prismatic sight or other optics offered by Gideon, visit

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