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First Look: InfiRay RICO Mk2 640 Thermal Sight

iRayUSA is now selling the new InfiRay RICO Mk2 LRF 640 Thermal Sight. This latest addition of the InfiRay RICO (Rugged Infrared Compact Optic) thermal sight family represents the next step in the evolution of this product line.

The new InfiRay RICO Mk2 starts where the original Rugged Infrared Compact Optic Mk1 left off. This new model counts on a 60hz refresh rate as well as a high-performance 12 µm Micro II core, a 1,750-yard detection range and an ultra-high-contrast 2560×2560 AMOLED HD display for an unparalleled viewing experience. The RICO Mk2 takes its image processing one step further with Advanced Image Correction and Automatic Image Optimization courtesy of its MATRIX III processor.

In addition, the InfiRay RICO Mk2 includes an interface that is user friendly. It has picture-in-picture functions and a runtime of over five hours, along with an internal memory that holds 32 GB worth of video or photos. There are also advanced features such as a rotating zoom lever, recoil-activated video and magnetic charging ports. The RICO Mk2 is built from a durable and shockproof magnesium alloy housing that is capable of up to 1,000 G/s2 of shock resistance. Holding this strong magnesium alloy housing is an American Defense Manufacturing (ADM) RQD mount (model AC03) that comes included with the device.

“We’re at an interesting point in time and in our own product development,” said Pliny Gale, iRayUSA Director of Marketing. “We just introduced the RICO Mk1 V2 that takes all the features of the original MK1, adds a few more, and comes in at a new, lower price. At the same time, we are introducing the next evolution of the RICO family, the Mk2. The Mk2 is chock-full of material improvements, software optimization and ergonomic upgrades. While the Mk1 series has an optional laser rangefinding module, the Mk2 LRF integrates the rangefinder directly into the device. Offering the new Mk2 LRF model and the Mk1 V2 model at the same time gives our customers tons of price and feature options in a 640×512 50mm thermal optic known for amazing image quality.”  

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