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First Look: Liberty Steel Plate and Range Ammo

Liberty Ammunition has just rolled out a new line of frangible centerfire cartridges meant for the safer shooting of steel plates and as a safer training alternative to traditional ammunition. This ammunition is intended for use in indoor firing ranges or indoor training facilities, as frangible ammunition will not ricochet off hard surfaces.

Liberty Ammunition’s new “Steel Plate and Range” line is currently offering both .223 Rem. and 9mm centerfire cartridges. These loads are modeled after Liberty Ammunition’s Overwatch product line in recoil characteristics, however, Steel and Plate Range loads are designed with lower muzzle velocities as a safety feature.

Frangible ammunition generally consists of cartridges loaded with frangible bullets whose main intention is to reduce penetration, ricochet and impacts in hard surfaces. Frangible bullets are typically manufactured by forming and molding (or sometimes binding) a mixture of powdered metals into the exact shape of the bullet. Compared to traditional cup-and-core, lead-alloy and copper-jacketed bullets which are relatively soft and malleable, frangible projectiles are brittle, so that they disintegrate back into powder upon impact in order to minimize the aforementioned safety hazards above.

The .223 Rem. round is one of the most popular sporting, recreational, training and defensive intermediate cartridges not only in the United States but around the world. It’s primarily centered around use in AR-15 pattern firearms, that like the cartridge itself, are also very popular general purposes firearms centered around sport, defense, recreation and training. On the handgun side of the house, the 9mm cartridge that has been in existence since 1902 is the world’s most pervasive centerfire handgun cartridge. Like the .223 Rem. cartridge and its AR-15 pattern firearms above, the 9mm enjoys the biggest market share in not only the same firearms categories but also across all major handgun makes, models and styles.     

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