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First Look: New PAR Rifles From Troy Industries

The PAR rifle from Troy Industries brings the versatility and ergonomics of the AR platform to the world of pump-action rifles, creating a reliable, smooth shooting firearm that works on the hunt, at the range and is compatible with the laws all across this country.

Now for 2024, Troy is updating the PAR with a sleek 13-inch-long M-Lok rail system on the fore end. These rails are lightweight and snag-free, making it perfect for long hunts over rugged terrain and grasping brush as well as for maneuvering inside of tight spaces. A full length Picatinny top rail provides ample space for sighting systems or other accessories such as clip-on night vision or thermal devices and lasers. The M-Lok slots at the muzzle end allow you to attach additional accessories essential to a successful outcome such as tactical lights or a bipod.

The Troy PAR action is available in a variety of calibers and barrel lengths. All models feature a Bravo Company B5 stock. The .308 Win. version is available and takes AR-10 magazines. It can be order with either a 16-inch or an 18-inch barrel, both of which have a 1:10-inch RH twist. The PAR can also be had in .222 Rem. with an 18-inch barrel or .300 BLK with a 16-inch barrel. There are also two different models of the PAR chambered for .223 Rem. The first has a 16-inch barrel and a folding stock, allowing you to move the rifle in tight spaces and collapse it for easier storage and travel. The second model also has a 16-inch barrel, but has a more conventional, collapsible A2-style stock.

More information on the new PAR rifles and other products from Troy Industries is available at 

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