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First Look: New Range Gear from Remington

For 2024 Remington Ammunition is launching three new product lines of range bags, gun cases, packs and field ready accessories meant for shooters, hunters, competitors and anyone else in need of support gear for their chosen shooting or outdoor related pursuit. 

The three product lines are “Premier”, “First In The Field” and “Gun Club,” and all three offer gear of varying styles, materials and price points.

“We are excited to introduce our new line of accessories for 2024,” said Remington Shooting Accessories Global Product Lane Director Dan Deeb. “Our team has worked tirelessly to design and develop these bags with convenience, protection, and accessibility in mind. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just starting out, Remington has the perfect accessory to enhance your shooting experience.”

Remington Premier Line

Remington’s Premier line showcases the brand’s highest level of craftsmanship and quality done in a tasteful and classically styled layout consisting of accented details such as brass hardware and 18-ounce waxed canvas and pieces of real leather. Scoped rifle cases, shotgun cases, range bags and shell pouches in Remington’s Premier line exude sophistication and fashionable durability.

Remington First In The Field Line

First In the Field products are intended for more adverse and rugged hunting and field conditions. Unlike the Premier series of range gear which use waxed canvas, leather and brass accents, First In The Field bags and cases are made from more weatherproof materials that float like foam and heavy duty padding. Additionally, these products are available in more terrain focused colors such as olive drab green, Mossy Oak Bottomland for both dry land and waterfowling activities.

Remington Gun Club

Remington Gun Club products provide shooters, hunters and sportsmen with bags and cases that afford reasonable everyday protection to rifles, shotguns and other gear without breaking the bank.

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