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First Look: Night Fision Optics Mounted Stealth Sights

Night Fision Sights has just launched the new new Optics Mounted Stealth Series sights set, which are a new concept in backup iron sights that mesh with slide-mounted electronic reflex sights on many modern handguns.

Depending on the design of the slide, the presence of dovetails or lack thereof can oftentimes be challenging to mount both a red-dot sight and taller back-up iron sights to a slide. Night Fision’s Optics Mounted Stealth Series resolves this problem by using a shorter rear sight that sits on top of the red-dot sight unit itself. The sight features screw funnels so that it can index on the red-dot’s counter-sunk screw holes; the rear sight is also held in place with the same screws used to hold the red-dot sight directly over the handgun’s slide. To correspond with the shortened rear sight, Night Fision also has a front sight that allows the shooter to create a bottom 1/3 co-witnessing iron-sight picture through the window of the red dot. The front sight has a tritium insert and is available with either a yellow fluorescent ring, an orange fluorescent ring or the tritium insert by itself. The rear sight for all these options is serrated black with tritium inserts.

Optics Mounted Stealth sights are designed to be paired with specific optics and pistols. Currently, the Night Fision Optics Mounted Stealth Series sights are available only for the SIG Sauer P320 pistols using Holosun’s SCS SIG Sauer P320 red-dot sight which directly mounts to the P320 slide. 

Night Fision Optics Mounted Stealth Sights Features:

  • Bright tritium night sight
  • Domed lens collimates tritium rays for a sharper sight picture
  • CNC machined out of high-quality steel
  • Black nitride coating used to improve wear and corrosion resistance
  • Installation: Gunsmith recommended,
  • Built in the USA with Swiss tritium

Visit to learn more about these new red-dot friendly iron sights or other products from Night Fision.

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