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First Look: Pulsar Axion XQ30 Pro Thermal Monocular

Pulsar is releasing the new Axion XQ30 Pro thermal imaging monocular, a significant upgrade to the previous Axion XM30F version, which garnered rave reviews from users. The Axion XQ30 Pro is the most compact model in the Pulsar product line, providing a pocket-sized solution for outdoor enthusiasts. Designed to fit easily fit in the hand, making it an excellent companion for hunting and wildlife observation. The symmetrical design, coupled with the ergonomic placement of buttons on the top of the unit, ensures comfort for both left and right-handed users. Available at the same price as its predecessor, the Axion XQ30 Pro is equipped with a larger and more sensitive European-made Lynred sensor with NETD (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference) of less than 25 mK (milli-Kelvin) degrees.

The Axion XQ30 Pro has a wide 13.3 degree field of view, allowing users to quickly spot heat signatures over a wide area while still maintaining awareness of the surrounding environment. The monocular has 8 color palettes lets the user observe their field of view more effectively, allowing them to optimize the unit each specific task. The built-in Wi-Fi module connects the device with either Android or iOS smartphones using the Stream Vision 2 mobile application. This combination opens up a wide range of options such as wireless device software updates, real-time image transmission to the mobile device screen and remote control digital functions. The internal battery is a quick-change APS3 rechargeable battery provides 7 hours of continuous operation of the thermal imaging device on a single charge. 

Axion XQ30 Pro Specifications

  • Sensor: 384×288 pixels at 17 µm (NETD <25 mK)
  • Objective lens: 30mm focal length / f1.2
  • Magnification: 2-8x (X4 zoom)
  • Detection range: 930 yards
  • Video / photo resolution: 528х400 pixels                      
  • Built-in memory: 16GB             
  • Length: 5.67 inches
  • Width 1.61 inches
  • Height: 2.71 inches   
  • Weight: 10.6 ounces with battery

Please visit for more information on the Axion XQ30 Pro and other products from Pulsar.

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