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First Look: Real Avid Armorer’s Hammer

Real Avid, a company known for its gunsmithing and firearms repair tools, accessories and peripheral equipment has just started shipping their new Armorer’s Master Hammer. This firearms-specific hammer can be purchased alone or a set that also includes Real Avid’s 11 piece Accu-Pin punch set. 

The Real Avid Armorer’s Master Hammer is a 22 ounce forged steel hammer built around a full tang design that can handle smithing or repair tasks big or small. Its head is double ended and also accepts different hammer head covers including those made from steel, brass or nylon. These are easily swapped out depending on the necessary work task. In addition, the Real Avid Armorer’s Master hammer incorporates a magnetic pin starter that can hold and accommodate pins measuring from 1/16 inch all the way up to 7/32 inches. In addition to the work-related features, the Armorer’s Master Hammer is also outfitted with an ergonomic contoured non slipping handle. The rubber lining also adds a degree of control so that the user can deliver strikes with just the right force needed for their specific task at hand.

Real Avid sells this hammer as a bundle with their Accu Punch firearms punch pin sets. These sets have 11 different punches and ship in a transparent plastic carry and storage case that includes a built-in flip up rack for easy access while working with these tools. Like the Real Avid Armorer’s Hammer, their Accu Pin punch sets are also designed for working or repairing firearms and other gunsmithing tasks. The punches come in all sizes relevant to this type of work.

In order to learn more about the new Real Avid Armorer’s Master Hammer, their sets of Accu Pin firearms punches or any other tools / accessories, please visit

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