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First Look: Safariland Liberator HP Noveske Edition Hearing Protection

The Safariland Group is rolling out an exclusive collaboration with Noveske Rifleworks, working together to bring to market a limited release special edition of the Safariland Liberator HP electronic hearing protection muffs and headsets with Noveske’s Signature N81 camouflage pattern.

“This Liberator HP exclusive marks the beginning of our collaboration with Noveske,” said Timothy Drnec, VP of Marketing for Safariland. “By combining our expertise in protective equipment with Noveske’s renowned craftsmanship, we are able to offer our customers a modern take on range gear.”

“Noveske is about building a community founded on the mutual respect of creating high quality product. We’re thrilled to work alongside Safariland in producing a limited run of Liberator HPs as the start of a fun and collaborative partnership and we’re excited to see what comes next,” said Jeff Pool, President of Novekse Rifleworks.

The Liberator HP headset is Safariland’s next-generation, electronic-muff, hearing-protection offering. The device is programmed to either cancel out or reduce loud “active” noises. The Safariland Liberator HP headset’s firmware also includes three different hearing-protection modes including enhance mode, move mode and clarity mode. Enhanced will block loud-noise impulses while boosting nearby speech or audio to make it clearer to understand. Move mode blocks all external noise for complete sound suppression and clarity mode blocks all external noise in order to prioritize speech.

Noveske’s N81 camouflage pattern is the company’s stylized Cerakote rendition of the classic and now arguably retro US M81 Woodland camouflage pattern that dates back to the Cold War. Lately this specific woodland pattern has seen a resurgence in popularity amongst many shooters and firearm enthusiasts.

To learn more about these new special edition Safariland Liberator HP electronic earmuffs or other products sold by The Safariland Group, please visit the company’s website at 

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