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First Look: SnapSafe TrekLite Lock Box XL

SnapSafe is a part of Hornady Manufacturing’s security products division and has just launched the new TrekLite Lock Box XL, a light weight and portable locking box. Due to its design and application of materials, the new SnapSafe TrekLite Lock Box XL weighs approximately 66 percent less than similar steel-built locking boxes. Instead of steel, the TrekLite Lock Box XL is built from impact-resistant polycarbonate materials. For an extra degree of security, the Snap Safe TrekLite Lock Box XL also includes a 1,500-pound-rated security cable that serves as a tether to anchor the locking box to a fixed point.

In addition to its light weight and advanced material construction, SnapSafe designed this locking box to have a sleek and seamless exterior to better nest inside of travel luggage, bags, home furniture or anywhere else you need to securely store a firearm. It is also easy to conceal underneath the seat of a car or behind the seat, locked to the frame inside of a seat’s rear pocket.

For security and accessibility, the TrekLite Lock Box XL counts on an analog mechanical barrel key locking mechanism along with a four-digit, TSA-approved combination lock that gives users over 10,000 different numerical combinations to choose from. Its interior is designed to hold full-size, duty-oriented handguns, such as a 5-inch Government 1911 for example. This locking box will also accommodate handguns of smaller sizes, as well as other valuables.

TrekLite Lock Box XL Features

  • Four-digit TSA lock
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate construction
  • Fits up to full-size 1911 handguns
  • Durable, non-slip rubber overmold
  • Foam lining protects firearms and valuables
  • 1,500-pound rated security cable
  • Meets TSA requirements

TrekLite Lock Box XL Specifications

  • External Dimensions: 10x7x2 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds

To learn more about the TrekLite Lock Box XL or other products from SnapSafe, visit

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