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First Look: Staccato Ammunition Subscription

Following Staccato’s announcement of Staccato branded ammunition earlier this year during SHOT Show, the central Texas-based company is now launching a subscription option for its customers that shoot regularly. In addition to more competitive pricing per case of ammo, subscribers will also get “locked in” to their pricing for the duration of the year as a protective safeguard against unforeseen price increases and a volatile ammo market.   

“For decades, the industry has focused solely on reliability and durability. With our family of Staccato 2011 pistols, we introduced “shootability” as the third critical factor in selecting a handgun,” shared Marine Corps veteran and Staccato CEO, Nathan Horvath. “Staccato pistols are built for the heroes that need them most and make it remarkably easy to shoot your best. They are guaranteed for life, so you can train and run a lot of ammo with the peace of mind that your Staccato will last. But, we have been frustrated by price fluctuations, variable supply and quality of ammunition. We know our family of Staccato owners shares the same frustrations. So, we fixed the problem by developing our own Staccato ammo that we can offer at a fair price and guarantee supply to our family of Staccato owners who sign up for our subscription service.”

Staccato offers two different types of 9mm rounds: a general-purpose, 124-grain FMJ “range and training” round and a match-grade, 125-grain round loaded with a Hornady HAP projectile, with overall length and dimensions optimized for accuracy in Staccato 2011 pistol chambers. “HAP” stands for “Hornady Action Pistol” and its overall profile is derived from the classic Hornady XTP bullet, save for the expanding properties the latter possesses. These bullets are capable of delivering great accuracy and have cold-swaged pure lead cores. 

Visit to learn more about this new subscription-based ammo service or other products from Staccato.

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