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First Look: Volquartsen Firefly 10/22 Bolt

Volquartsen Firearms, known for its high-performance rimfire firearms, continues to expand its line of precision parts with the return of the Firefly Bolt for the 10/22 platform. The Firefly bolt is designed to optimize the performance of a Ruger10/22 rifle when using subsonic ammunition.

“It’s safe to say that shooting suppressed 22s has never been more popular than it is right now. With increasing customer demand, we decided there was no better time to bring back the Firefly Bolt,” commented Volquartsen Firearms president Scott Volquartsen.

The Firefly is a CNC-machined, Type III hard-anodized aluminum bolt that is lightweight and designed to cycle with a wide range of subsonic ammo, from CCI Quiet ammunition that has a velocity of 710 fps to faster subsonic .22LR rounds that are rated at 1,050 fps.

Volquartsen’s recoil rod allows the recoil rod spring to be easily changed. In addition to the ability to change springs, these new recoil rods are precision-ground, hardened A-2 rods that vary no more than .001 inches over the length of the part. These tolerances make for reliable cycling when using a variety of ammunition with or without a suppressor.

The Firefly Bolt comes standard with two springs so the shooter can tune the bolt for their particular rifle. Volquartsen’s round titanium firing pin and heavy-duty extractor are also included. A hardened steel lug safeguards the aluminum bolt against hammer wear, ensuring long-lasting performance.

MSRP for the Firefly Bolt 2.0 is $170, and more information on this product and the wide range of other gear and firearms manufactured by Volquartsen is available at

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