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First Look: XS Sights R3D 2.0 Sights for the SA-35

XS Sights is now offering R3D 2.0 Tritium Night Sights for the Springfield Armory SA-35 9mm pistol.

XS Sights R3D Sights are designed to be defensive oriented sights which use of either a high-contrast bright green or bright orange photoluminescent front sight paired with a serrated-rear sight which has a pair of smaller and dimmer tritium vials so as to not confuse the shooter’s eye during aiming. The R3D 2.0 design is an improvement over XS Sights’ original R3Ds, and the new changes or upgrades include larger and brighter rear tritium dots, PVC rings around the rear tritium to better differentiate the front and rear vials, easier installation than the previous version, and a black nitride finish that’s more durable than the originals simpler black oxide finish. 

XS Sights R3D 2.0 Night Sights Features and Specifications:

  • Tritium front and rear with high contrast glow dot
  • Photoluminescent glow dot absorbs ambient light and glows in low light
  • Wide notch rear with serrations and anti-reflective lens
  • Corrosion-resistant black nitride surface finish
  • Traditional three-dot tritium, notch and post, sight picture
  • Proudly manufactured in Fort Worth, TX

The Springfield Armory SA-35 is a faithful clone of one of the most popular 9 mm pistols of the 20th century, the Browning Hi-Power. This was the last design that John Moses Browning worked on prior to his death along with famed Belgian designer Dieudonne Saive (Of FN 49 and FN FAL fame). Like the Browning’s 1911 pistol, the SA-35 and other Hi Power pattern designs are still fired and cherished nearly a century later. 

To learn more about XS R3D 2.0 Sights, please visit

To learn more about the Springfield Armory SA-35 pistol, please visit


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