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I Carry: Rost Martin RM1C 9 mm Pistol in a DeSantis Holster

Firearm: Rost Martin RM1C (MSRP: $459)

It’s not terribly often that we get to include a totally new handgun in a kit; it’s even more rare when it’s a new company entirely. Rost Martin’s RM1C is that new pistol, and the company itself is relatively new, a veteran- and female-owned entity located in Dallas, TX. The RM1C was released at SHOT Show in January of 2024, and represents a compact-size, striker-fired, polymer-frame 9 mm pistol with a host of desirable features.

Let’s start with the RM1C’s size: It’s 7.1 inches in overall length with a 4-inch barrel, 1.1-inches wide, 5 inches tall, weighs 21 ounces and has a 15-round magazine. The RM1C is firmly in the “Compact” category, approximately the same size as the P320 Compact, G19, M&P9 Compact and others. Up top, the sights are dovetail-mounted and include a serrated, black rear sight and a white-dot front sight. The RM1C also is optics-ready, with an RMR-footprint plate included with the pistol, and other plates are available for the RMSc, DeltaPoint Pro and Docter footprints.

The RM1C also has a number of features that are to be expected on a modern, concealed-carry ready pistol: Cocking serrations fore and aft, an accessory rail for lights or lasers, interchangeable backstraps and a bladed-safety trigger. Takedown is slightly different than other striker-fired pistols, in that the trigger does not need to pulled to separate the slide from the frame. Rounding out the RM1C is an interesting feature: at the rear of the slide, where the striker cover plate is located, there’s an indicator for the striker mechanism akin to that of the Walther P99. If you see red, the RM1C’s striker is cocked.

So, the RM1C contains a host of features that one would expect on a compact firearm. What’s the hook? Why would someone consider it over an established pistol like the Glock G19, that’s the same size and capacity? In a nutshell, the MSRP of the RM1C is what really stands out: $459. This means that a new RM1C is selling, real-world price, for slightly more than $400. That’s about what most striker-fired 9 mm pistols are going for, used; with the RM1C you get a new gun with a lifetime warranty from a new, American company. That’s a pretty nice option to have.

Holster: DeSantis Slim-Tuk (MSRP: $46.99)

One of the detriments in choosing a new handgun for concealed carry is the dearth of holster fits available. Fortunately, in the case of the Rost Martin RM1C, the folks at DeSantis Holsters have a number of options available, including the Slim Tuk we’ve chosen for today’s kit. Constructed from a single sheet of Kydex and featuring a tuckable polymer belt loop, the Slim Tuk is just as full-featured and affordable as the RM1C pistol to be carried in it.

One feature on the Slim-Tuk that should be of interest is DeSantis’s 360 C-Clip. With the turn of a screw, the belt clip can rotate in any configuration, making the Slim-Tuk easy to position in any spot along the beltline. It can be worn in the appendix position, as we have here, or the clip can be slightly canted to wear on the strong side or even crossdraw. Additionally, all hardware is completely reversible to make the Slim-Tuk a left-handed holster in just a few minutes. Like the RM1C, it offers a lot of versatility for not a ton of cash.

Accessory: Buck Knives Mini Sovereign knife (MSRP: $39.99)

Rounding out today’s affordable kit is the Buck Knives Mini Sovereign pocketknife. With a 2.63-inch, modified clip point 7Cr17MoV steel blade and aluminum scales, the Mini Sovereign is an attractive and useful option. Weight is 3.2 ounces, and a stainless steel pocket clip keeps the Mini Sovereign low in the pocket – and while the clip isn’t reversible, the knife is easy to operate with either hand.

The Mini Sovereign has one unique feature that I’m especially fond of in the locking mechanism. Rather than a liner lock or frame lock, which do require you to put a digit in the path of the closing blade, the Mini Sovereign uses a pushbutton to release the locked blade for folding. With just a little practice, the blade can be closed with one hand without putting a finger in the way. Opening the knife is just as easy, with an ambidextrous thumbstud allowing fast opening despite the manual nature. All this for less than the price of a box of defensive ammunition? Sign me up!

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