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Magpul DAKA Hard Case Adds DAKA Bins & Gear Straps

Magpul just announced the latest enhancement to the DAKA Hard Case system. New DAKA Bins and Gear Straps increase modularity and capability, enabling shooters to further customize their Magpul DAKA Hard Case for specific guns, trips and more.

Magpul DAKA Hard Case Bins & Straps

The DAKA Gear Stap enables tying down any loose items by feeding through the Grid panels. The foot-long straps hook-and-loop ends lock down a variety of firearms and gear. The .75-inch width maximizes surface area for a strong connection and snug fit. A red tab at the end of each strap provides a tactile, visual pull tab.

DAKA Bins come in Black, FDE or Red, providing quick reference points for different gear. Transparent lids also offer easy content identification. Reinforced lid snap tabs lock securely to stay closed. Paint-pen dot matrix panels on the lid provide further organization and identification. The Bins stack and fit within the Magpul Grid system for modularity.

  • DAKA Gear Straps: $14.95 (4 Pack)
  • DAKA Bins: $17.95 (2 2×2 Bins), $29.95 (1 2×4 Bin, 2 2×2 Bins)

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On January 11, 2023, Ballistic reported:

For competitive shooters and hunters, even firearms industry professionals or carry enthusiasts, traveling with guns can brings real complications. The new Magpul DAKA Hard Case and GRID Organizer system brings an impressive array of enhancements that will go a long way to ease many of those struggles we all face when taking guns on the go.

Magpul DAKA Hard Case & GRID Organizer

DAKA Hard Case

We got an early look at the new DAKA Hard Case at the recent Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous. And it’s an impressive new hard case entry into the market. The case represents a stronger, easy-to-use protector. Magpul eliminated snag points, including critical lock areas. with ergonomic handles on two sides, the case stands on either edge for ease in airports. Better latches, recessed lock housings, and dependable wheels all mark the upgrades here.

DAKA Hard Case Features

  • Three sizes available: for carbines, C35”; for most rifles, R44”; and for long rifles and multiple firearms, LR53”
  • Includes DAKA GRID Organizer integrated with case
  • Advanced injection molding of gas charged polypropylene reduces weight, increases strength, and enhances case integrity
  • Durability & drop performance that stand up to tough shipping, travel, and hard-use environments
  • Sleek design minimizes snags
  • Water & weather-resistant gaskets
  • Internal corner pockets create impact bumper zones & provide extra storage space
  • Unique, cammed latch design for easy opening and closing. Latches cannot be opened with a lock installed. Lock pass-throughs secure locks and mitigate damage to the lock and the case
  • Smooth and rugged wheels for easy transport
  • MSRP: $309-$369

GRID Organizer

The Magpul GRID Organizer eliminates cutting foam.

In an interesting new product we didn’t see coming, Magpul attacked a problem with travel cases. Their answer is the GRID Organizer system. Made to fit two popular Pelican cases, along with the DAKA, the GRID is different. A drop-in Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) GRID base replaces the old foam designs. No more cutting to fit. Instead, you can configure the GRID system repeatedly, giving your system so much more utility. Now one system will fit any gun, without cutting.

GRID Organizer Features

  • Easily added to popular Pelican Gun cases (Pelican™ Vault 730 and Pelican™ Vault 800)
  • Provides high-level protection
  • Quickly allows you to maximize space in the case
  • Endlessly customizable ­­
  • No tools or expensive laser cuts required
  • No ill-fitting “pick-and-pluck” of foam inserts
  • Confidently secures contents inside the case
  • Resistant to most chemicals, oils, and dirt
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Can be used for all types of gear, not just firearms
  • MSRP: $139.95 & $159.95

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