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SK Customs Da Vinci Expands Early Italian Renaissance Series

In January, SK Customs released its Michelangelo, the first in the Early Italian Renaissance Series. Created in collaboration with Springfield Armory, the 1911 series has a limited run of 250 pieces. Showcasing iconic works of historic artists, SK Customs now adds the Da Vinci to the series.

The SK Customs Da Vinci Springfield Armory 1911

Like the Michelangelo, the Da Vinci is part of a collaboration with Springfield Armory. Using a 1911 as the canvas, the pistol features a semi-polished finish on the frame and slide flats. In addition, a high-polished barrel and selective 24K gold plating set off the high-quality .45 ACP. Likewise, proprietary color conversion engineering creates highly reflective and permanent violet accents throughout the slide.

Gold accents in the controls, hammer, and barrel bushing highlight the gold plating throughout the artwork, providing a cohesive aesthetic. Further, genuine imported Italian olivewood grip panels with engraved and hand-painted fleur de lis finish out the look.

On the right side of the slide is a beautiful illustration of the “Vitruvian Man,” highlighted in gold plating. The depiction is framed by intricate scrollwork encapsulated in a gold frame. The rear of the slide, behind the cocking serrations, is the special edition number xxx of 250 in a gold frame.

The left side of the slide is a depiction of Da Vinci’s iconic “Last Supper” with a framework of intricate scrollwork and gold plating. The scrollwork and gold frame continue at the rear of the slide, behind the cocking serrations.

Sitting atop the slide is a framed portrait of Da Vinci, just forward of the ejection port, highlighted in gold. Likewise, just above the portrait is the artist’s signature engraved into the slide. Finally, Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” sits just forward of the rear dovetail sight, also highlighted in gold.

(Photo by SK Customs)


The SK Customs Da Vinci Custom 1911 is available for pre-order now—only 250 will be available—with an MSRP of $2,405.00. For more info, please visit

“Leonardo da Vinci made remarkable contributions to the Italian Renaissance and the world as a painter, engineer, scientist, sculptor and so much more,” said Simon Khiabani, owner and founder of SK Customs.

“The features of the handgun pay tribute to his greatest artistic works. And as an engineer who designed war machines, the gun itself is a tribute to da Vinci’s contributions and long-lasting effects on modern society.”

The SK Customs Da Vinci Springfield Armory 1911.
(Photo by SK Customs)

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