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SK Customs Luchando Tigre Joins the Untamed Series of 1911s

Joining the Alacrán and Untamed Anaconda, SK Customs adds the Luchando Tigre to its Untamed Series of 1911 pistols. The company, known for its limited-edition, series-driven custom pistols, introduced its Untamed Series last year. Representing a native Atsatsilisti ritual in Guerrero, Mexico, the Luchando Tigre is the second 1911 in the series. Likewise, the latest addition is limited to only 200 units.

SK Customs Untamed Series: The Luchando Tigre

The Luchando Tigre (translated: fighting tiger) uses a full-size government model Colt 1911, chambered in .38 Super, as its canvas. It highlights one of the most feared predators in the world—the Bengal tiger. In this case, it is specific to the native Atsatsilisti ritual in the Mexican state of Guerrero.

This ritual involved offering blood (drawn from fighting between native participants) to the god Tláloc and the earth in exchange for rain, necessary for a good harvest. Tributes would dress in a tiger personification equipped with a rope bathed in mezcal, which made it hard enough to whip the opponent’s body. The tribute’s shed blood was the required offering by Tláloc in order to send rain.

A semi-polished stainless finish on the slide and frame flats offers the ideal canvas. This provides a striking contrast for the 24k gold controls, hammer, hardware, pins, screws, and barrel bushing. In addition, a black trigger and black front and rear sight provide a rich depth to the piece.

(Photo by SK Customs)

Unlike other SK Customs series-based collections, the Luchando Tigre doesn’t have multiple illustrations adorning its slide. Instead, this model wraps the entire slide in a depiction of a deadly tiger leaping towards its prey. In the scene, the tiger has its teeth and claws bared, locked on its quarry.

The tiger is covered in 24k gold plating with black-filled stripes. Likewise, the eyes, teeth, and claws are all silver-plated to add to its depth. On the left side of the slide, behind the cocking serrations, is the Colt logo plated in 24k gold. Similarly, behind the serrations on the right side is the gun’s unique serial number xxx of 200.

SK Customs Untamed Series: The Luchando Tigre.
(Photo by SK Customs)

Rare specimen genuine tiger maple wood grips with an embedded 24k gold Rampart finish out the theme.


The SK Customs Untamed Series Luchando Tigre Custom 1911 is available for pre-order now, with an MSRP of $2,700.00. For more info, please visit

“This year’s edition of the Untamed Series truly embodies the idea behind this line of custom guns,” said Simon Khiabani, owner and founder of SK Guns. “The tiger symbolism used in the Arsatslisti ritual for rain combined with the danger synonymous with the Bengal tiger that is depicted along the slide showcases the “tigris” subspecies century-old status as one of the most feared predators in the world.”

SK Customs Untamed Series: The Luchando Tigre.
(Photo by SK Customs)

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