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Templar Knife Switches Up Its OTF Platform with the Sentinel Series

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Templar Knife hit the knife scene recently and made a splash with its groundbreaking Excalibur line. The line introduced a screwless OTF design that is easy to disassemble and reassemble while maintaining a sleek profile. Now, Templar Knife switches things up again with its new Sentinel series, utilizing a side slider switch.

The Templar Knife Sentinel

Featuring an anodized aluminum housing, the Sentinel breaks from the standard OTF profile. Instead, the auto features a stouter, more rectangular shape with a slight inward curvature on each side for aesthetics and retention. Likewise, the sides feature the Templar logo engraved into the housing, while the underside includes a series of tooled hash marks around the perimeter. As a result, this aids in its retention characteristics while adding to the overall aesthetics.

The body of the grip has a slightly wider profile, providing a more hand-filling purchase. However, with a narrower handle thickness of .375 inches, the knife carries very comfortably in the pocket. Correspondingly, as with other Templar OTFs, the pocket clip on the Sentinel is held in place via the glass breaker.

(Photo by Templar Knife)

Where the Sentinel really differs from traditional OTFs is the side-body thumb slide. Instead of placing the button along the top of the knife, Templar moved it to the side of the body. This placement is much easier to actuate because it allows for a very full, secure grip before firing the blade. Similarly, the step-raised button, with an engraved Templar logo at the crest, provides positive interaction with the button.

Housed within the handle is the 3-inch spearpoint blade, with a form factor that evokes memories of the Roman Gladius. Constructed of D2, the blade features a black oxide stonewashed powder coat finish. However, the narrow blade flats on each side of the blade are left uncoated for a stylish two-tone aesthetic. While in full lockup, the Sentinel measures an overall length of 7.08 inches.

The Sentinel is available in your choice of black or gun metal grey.

The Sentinel Money Clip

Featuring a much smaller profile, the Money Clip is exactly what its name implies—a money clip. Like the Excalibur Money Clip, the Sentinel Money Clip features a screwless design, allowing for easy maintenance. Featuring a T 6061 aged aluminum housing, the Money Clip measures 3.375 x 1.25 inches closed.

Adding to the functionality of the Money Clip is the .75-inch-wide pocket clip. The wide clip facilitates your choice of clipping it to a pocket or utilizing it as a money clip. A raised lip at the opening of the clip helps with easier placement of your money, which is held in place tightly.

The Templar Knife Sentinel Money Clip.
(Photo by Templar Knife)

The Sentinel Money Clip is exactly like the Excalibur Money Clip in form and function. However, like the Sentinel above, it features the side body thumb slide to release the blade. This is even more beneficial in the Money Clip because of the small body of this model. With the side body slide, it is much easier to get a solid grip on the short handle to actuate the blade release.

Like the Sentinel above, the Money Clip features a spearpoint Gladius-like blade. However, at only 1.9 inches, it is legal in California (check local laws regarding a double-edged blade). When open, it has an overall length of 5.275 inches. Likewise, the black oxide stonewashed powder D2 provides excellent edge retention and wear resistance.

Currently, the Money Clip is only available in Gunmetal Blue.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Sentinel, a knife that embodies our commitment to quality, innovation, and user satisfaction,” said Templar President, Shawn Cauble. “With its out-the-front design and intuitive thumb slider, the Sentinel sets a new standard for precision and reliability in the world of knives.”

Editor’s Note

I have been carrying the Templar Knife Excalibur OTF for a few years and am thoroughly impressed with it. It is solid and has some good heft, offering confidence in its quality and durability. However, as mentioned above, it is a completely screwless design, providing a sleek look and easy maintenance. Not to mention, the edge retention of the D2 blade with excellent heat treatment has held up under heavy use.

Excalibur OTF.
(Photo by Joshua Swanagon)

I have just recently started carrying the Sentinel full-size model and am noticing the same quality as the Excalibur. The level of detail and craftsmanship in this knife is immediately evident. Likewise, the side-body thumb slide really does make a difference in easier actuation.

Templar Knife has been getting it right with everything it has released to date, and I am here for it.

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Sentinel OTF Specs

The Templar Knife Sentinel.
(Photo by Templar Knife)
Blade Material D2
Blade Length 3 inches
Handle Length 4.28 inches (with glass breaker)
Handle Thickness .375 inches
Handle Material Anodized Aluminum
Overall Length 7.08 inches
Weight 3.8 ounces
Colors Black, Gun Metal Grey
MSRP $169.99


  • Side Body Thumb Slide
  • D2 Steel Dagger
  • Glass Breaker
  • Deep Carry Clip
  • Anodized Aluminum Grip

Sentinel Money Clip OTF Specs

The Templar Knife Sentinel Money Clip.
(Photo by Templar Knife)
Blade Material Black Oxide Stonewashed Powder D2
Blade Length 1.9 inches
Handle Length 3.375 inches
Handle Thickness .375 inches
Handle Material T 6061 Aged Aluminum
Overall Length 5.275 inches
Weight 2.9 ounces
Colors Gunmetal Blue
MSRP $225.99
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