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Watch Adept Armor NovaSteel Helmet Stop .357 Magnum!

Adept Armor just released a pretty impressive video showcasing the capabilities of its NovaSteel Helmet. After showing several other helmets fail, the NovaSteel successfully stops multiple direct hits from a .357 Magnum in the video.

Adept Armor NovaSteel Helmet Stops .357 Magnum!

The NovaSteel Helmet is an ACH-style piece of armor, and during the test it outperforms an old school Czech M53 and various police surplus helmets rated IIIA.

“We couldn’t be prouder of the performance demonstrated by the NovaSteel ACH-style helmet in this rigorous test,” commented Jake Ganor, founder of Adept Armor. “The video underscores our commitment to providing high-quality protective gear that exceeds industry standards and offers unparalleled protection to our customers.”

Demonstration Helmets Tested

  1. Czech M53: The video reveals the rapid penetration of the Czech M53 helmet, exposing the vulnerabilities inherent in 20th-century steel helmets.
  2. Police Surplus Helmets (rated IIIA): Despite its purported rating, the police surplus helmet exhibited severe degradation and extreme localized deformation under the impact of the .357 Magnum rounds.
  3. NovaSteel ACH-style Helmet (rated VPAM-3 + special threats): The NovaSteel helmet emerged as the undisputed champion, enduring more than two dozen shots with remarkable fortitude. Despite relentless assault, the NovaSteel helmet resisted penetration, exhibited minimal shell deformation, and maintained its padding integrity. Test halted when the retention system reached its limit, a testament to the helmet’s exceptional durability.

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Editor’s Take:

Our law enforcement and military professionals need the very best gear. So we love seeing new or interesting takes on guns and gear that work. While we haven’t tested this helmet personally, the video suggest the NovaSteel Helmet comprises a serious piece of body armor. Skeptical at first, looking for just glancing blows, it appears to really stand up to some serious .357 Magnum abuse.

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