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First Look: New Looks for the FightLite SCR

FightLite Industries is now shipping new versions of the popular semi-automatic SCR carbine in Flat Dark Earth (FDE) or Olive Drab (OD) green finishes and furniture. The SCR, which stands for Sport Configurable Rifle, takes the AR-15 design concept and tweaks it so that the receiver holds a traditional-style stock instead the standard AR carbine receiver extension and adjustable stock, which can run afoul of certain gun laws in some states. Even with its more traditional shoulder stock, the FightLite SCR still has a flat top Picatinny-rail-based receiver that makes mounting modern optics extremely convenient. Besides that, the front sight of the rifle comes with an AR style M-Lok hand guard with M-Lok slots on the bottom, left and right sides, while the top of the rail also has a continuous section of Picatinny rail. The lower receiver and the bolt carrier group are the parts that saw a major redesign in order to accommodate this alternative configuration.   

“We listen to the stated wants and needs of our valuable and loyal customer base, and then accordingly develop and deliver product options to continually increase the versatility of our popular SCR product line.” says Geoffrey Herring, CEO of FightLite Industries.

These color additions for the patented SCR expand the options for shooters and are a close color match to other popular products offered by other manufacturers. In addition to the expanded color options, the SCR is also equipped with dual sling swivel QD cups on both sides of the stock. FightLite’s new polymer buttstock also includes a removable, high-performance rubberized butt-pad designed to give the user enhanced control while helping to minimize recoil, and a stipple-type textured hand area for rock steady grip in adverse conditions.

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