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Armed Citizen Loses Life, Is Run Over After Confronting Carjacking Suspect

LUMBERTON, NORTH CAROLINA — Police say Ricky Driggers, 28, faces murder and other charges after a fatal incident involving a thwarted carjacking. The episode, captured outside a Burger King in March, gained public attention when a distressing video surfaced online. In the video, Jonathan Adam Lecompte, 38, attempts to prevent Driggers from stealing his work truck. Despite Lecompte’s armed intervention and warning, Driggers forcefully reversed the truck, ignoring Lecompte’s commands.

Lecompte fired at Driggers, who managed to enter the truck and accelerate towards Lecompte and another bystander, hitting Lecompte with the vehicle. The impact launched Lecompte into the air and dragged him across a grassy area. Driggers then fled the scene, leading to a police chase that ended with his arrest after he crashed the truck on Highway 41.

Lecompte was transported to a hospital but later died from his injuries.

Driggers is currently detained without bail, facing charges of first-degree murder, larceny of a motor vehicle, attempted robbery, and fleeing arrest. At the time of his arrest, Driggers also had outstanding charges related to traffic offenses.

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