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Know Who You Are, And Carry What You Need

Have you ever walked through a store and seen a parent juggling a baby, stroller and what looks like three bags full of baby supplies?  You probably thought to yourself, “Good lord is all of that really necessary to carry around while grocery shopping?” You know what? Maybe it is for them. This parent is probably using their experience (or lack thereof) to plan for every scenario involving their baby’s needs. They have food, juice, a change of clothes, diapers (and all that entails), toys, medicine, pacifiers, blanky and so much more, just to make their life easier and more comfortable for their little one.

Have you ever walked through a store wearing shoes that irritate the corn/bunion on the side of your foot? You probably thought to yourself, “Why did I decide last minute to go shopping in these shoes? I know better. Now I have to find a solution or go home. Ouch!”

We can do better, so let’s backtrack and pre-plan. I am not a professional “prepper,” I am just someone that likes to think ahead. I am going to assume you have your self-protection plan already in order, so let’s focus on everyday items that can make your life better if they are near when you are not home.

Go grab a piece of paper and a pen. I want you to take a break from reading and write down three to five things that are a “constant” with you. Meaning, no matter where you are at, this “constant” could raise its ugly head and become an issue that needs your attention. Let’s not add cell phone, iPad, computer or things like that to the list since most of us do not carry (or have) at least two of these items.

I will go first, to set an example.

  1. Dry skin (gotta love being a redhead)
  2. Foot/leg pain (due to Neuropathy caused by diabetes)
  3. Blisters (on feet caused by diabetes)
  4. Hypoglycemia (need to eat a little something every 3 hours)
  5. Allergic to bees

Now is the time for you to work on your list. Once completed, you can continue reading.

Now that I have my five answers, let’s look at the results of not knowing your needs. If I am out and about, I could become uncomfortable and itchy at any time due to dry skin. I may have to sit down and get off my feet due to pain or blisters, I could pass out because I needed some food in my system, or I could go into anaphylactic shock if stung, all of which could have been avoided.   

Now let’s ask the right questions. Do I carry a small bottle of lotion, Motrin/Tylenol for foot pain, mole skin for blisters, energy bar to keep me level, lip balm for my lips, and two Epi pens to keep me alive? Heck yes, I do. All of these items take up next to no space and they are there when I need them. I know myself.

I asked a friend to do this with me and these were his four “constants”:

  1. Loses sunglasses (or sits on them)
  2. Required to take a medication three times a day with meals
  3. Dry eyes
  4. Migraines

Extra medicineWhat is the answer for him? He always has an extra pair of sunglasses on hand, he carries an empty vitamin bottle with all the meds he would need to take if he was away from the house for 48 hours. He also has a small bottle of eye drops and carries his prescription for migraines. He knows himself.

Let’s bring your attention back to your five “constants”. What are your answers and what is some pre-planning solutions that you could carry (or have near) to prevent your “constants” from become a big issue? Do you know yourself?

Obviously, you can be a minimalist or you can fill a bag with supplies, either way, you are deciding ahead of time to carry what you need. Here is an oxymoron for you: Pre-plan so you can be spontaneous again.

Also keep in mind that sunglasses, lip balm and the like are there to make your life more comfortable, and while an Epi pen may save your life from a bee’s sting, it is of little use in an armed violent encounter. Take stock of your personal safety needs, and make sure you have what’s needed to save your life or the life of a loved if you’re ever threatened by an armed criminal assailant.

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