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Unbelievable Mysteries of the Moon

We all want to believe the moon is everything. ‘They” have told us it is. But the moon is still a mystery that science hasn’t been able to explain fully. We’re not even clear on its origins or creation. Moons, by definition, are naturally formed bodies that orbit planets, Earth’s only natural satellite. It has a thickness of 93 miles, which surrounds an iron core. The moon consists of minerals like magnesium, iron, and olivine. It can be seen with the naked eye in all its glory and some detail to a certain point. Without a doubt, there are many mysteries of the moon.

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.” ~Gautama Buddha

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The Many Mysteries of the Moon

So why do some question it? I should sleep easy with the current information available. The photos and personal accounts are from some of the most reputable astronauts, including Neil Armstrong, David Scott, and Harrison Schmitt. The moon has been in the night sky since the Earth formed or has it?

 If we trace back far enough, we encounter narratives that depict a time before the moon’s arrival. Roman and Greek authors in the 5th century BC share tales of the Proselenes, who resided in an area known as Arcadia. They claimed to have existed before the moon graced the heavens. On the opposite side of the world, the ancient Tiwanaku culture in Bolivia also refers to a period when there was no moon. According to their accounts, the moon’s arrival was between 11,500 and 13,000 years ago.

Aren’t all of these stories they’ve told us good enough? As Buddha says, “live up to it.” Too many of us feel the government and space agencies have not lived up to telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I have so many questions. Why have we not been back? How come the last time we walked on the moon was December 11, 1972? Why did NASA’s space shuttle missions end on July 21, 2011? Some would say to all of those “conspiracists” to sit down, shut up, and quite angrily too. 

I mean, only crazy people would think that the moon is hollow. Or that there are strange artificial shapes on the surface. Oh, and the classic moon landing was faked in July of 1969.

“One’s first step in wisdom is to question everything – and one’s last is to come to terms with everything” ~ George C. Lichtenberg

The Hollow Moon Theory

Whether you can broaden your horizon or consider this theory that the moon is hollow, there is some staggering evidence that should at least make you go, “Huh?”

For instance, moon rocks and soil samples returned for study have proven to be a mystery. The oldest rocks are at the top of the surface, and newer rocks and soil are found beneath. The only similar thing that occurs on the Earth is when we dig or drill for mining, excavating the older rock to the top.

There is denser material on the surface, and perhaps we can say it’s due to the impacts from asteroids for millions of years that cause the age of the rocks around the asteroid sites to be the same. Also, the lunar dust has a chemical makeup that is different from that of the moon rocks.

The moon has no magnetic field, but the moon rocks are strongly magnetized. Uranium 236 and neptunium 237 are found on the moon, but those radioactive elements don’t occur naturally here on Earth. The Apollo 13 crew intentionally released the lunar lander, crashing it into the moon’s surface. Then, sizemac measurements showed that the moon rang like a bell for more than 3 hours.

“The most erroneous stories are those we think we know best – and therefore never scrutinize or question.” ~ Stephen Jay Gould

Are there space stations on the moon used by our military?
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Secret Space Station on the Moon

Before the Apollo program, a top-secret initiative called “Lunex” was hatched in the late 1950s. The US Air Force sought to land the first crude mission to the moon and developed a detailed schedule that would lead to an underground base for up to 21 astronauts within ten years. The secret Lunex study planned to make the first lunar landing in 1967. The project was canceled and never spoken of again.

Project Horizon was established in 1959 to determine the feasibility of constructing a scientific/military base. This was to be headed up by our Army, Navy, and Air Force. The lunar outpost was required to develop and protect potential United States interests on the moon. Additional tasks were to establish techniques in moon-based surveillance of the Earth and space. In communications, relay, and extensive operations on the surface of the moon. To serve as a base for exploration of the moon, space, and military operations, and for scientific investigations. 

The cost was projected at $6 billion, and the completion date was set for December of 1966, ready to house 12 soldiers. Allegedly, this project was vetoed by President Dwight Eisenhower.

“It seems much easier to explain the nonexistence of the moon than its existence” ~ Dr. Robin Brett, NASA.

The Moon Landing

When it comes to the mysteries of the moon, this is probably my favorite one. Why haven’t we been back since 1972? What about the Van Allen belts? These things are riddled with radiation. Why are there so many videos out there with astronauts and NASA engineers talking about “when we are able to leave low-earth orbit,” claiming we had the technology, but we destroyed it and have not rebuilt the blueprints to get us back out into the solar system?

What about the fact that NASA recorded the original moon landing tapes? There are no original high-quality moon landing tapes. The footage we see of the moon landing was taken strangely. NASA projected a video feed from the moon onto a screen, and then the TV stations pointed their camera at the screen. The stations obviously wanted a direct feed, but NASA refused.

Final Space Missions

For the record, I believe we went to the moon. I don’t believe the details or the reasons why we haven’t been back for 50 years. We found something! If it makes you more comfortable, please consider wearing your tinfoil hat. Maybe we never went through with our multiple plans to build our own space station on the moon because one is already there. 

Former US Air Force Sergeant Karl Wolf was famous for blowing the whistle, claiming he had seen top secret NASA photos showing “alien structures” on the moon’s backside. We’d love to talk to him again about his story, but he was run off the road in a fatal cycling accident.

Whether you believe with blind faith or just a gut feeling, don’t stop those who need to question. It is our nature to inquire, ask why, and keep believing there is more than the explanations, which are as plain as the noses on our faces.

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