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Can Trump Own Guns After 2024 Felony Convictions?

Can Trump Own Guns anymore? His recent felony convictions raise questions about his ability to legally own firearms. Federal and state laws in New York and Florida prohibit convicted felons from possessing firearms, with limited avenues for restoring these rights.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK (3-minute read) — Can Trump own guns? Donald Trump’s recent felony convictions have sparked considerable discussion about his future rights, particularly regarding firearm ownership.

Federal law explicitly prohibits individuals convicted of a felony from possessing a firearm, a restriction mirrored by state laws across the country. This federal prohibition is currently being challenged in a case that has been appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, though the justices have yet to decide if they will hear the case.

In New York, where Trump was convicted, the state law is clear: convicted felons cannot obtain a permit to possess a firearm. New York’s stringent regulations are in line with federal guidelines, ensuring that individuals with felony convictions are barred from firearm ownership. However, there is a legal pathway for Trump to potentially restore his gun rights. He could petition a state judge to reinstate his firearm possession rights, although this process is often lengthy and complex.

Trump’s primary residence in Florida adds another layer to this issue. The Sunshine State enforces a similar disarmament law that prevents convicted felons from owning firearms. This law not only applies to those convicted within Florida but also extends to individuals found guilty of a felony in other states, ensuring comprehensive enforcement. Under Florida law, the state’s Clemency Board has a strict policy regarding firearm rights restoration. According to the board, they will not consider requests for firearm authority from individuals convicted in federal or out-of-state courts, which directly impacts Trump’s situation.

So, Can Trump Own Guns?

Given these legal frameworks, Trump’s path to regaining the right to own a firearm is fraught with legal hurdles. The federal prohibition is broad, and state laws in both New York and Florida further reinforce these restrictions. The possibility of the U.S. Supreme Court hearing the challenge to the federal prohibition adds an element of uncertainty, but until any changes are made at the federal level, Trump remains unable to legally possess a firearm.

Safety Tip: Always be aware of the laws regarding firearm ownership in your state, especially if you have a criminal record. Understanding and complying with these regulations is essential for responsible gun ownership.

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