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First Look: Armasight Collector 320 and Collector 640 Thermal Sights

Armasight has just announced the release of two new compact thermal sights, the Collector 320 and Collector 640. The Collector thermal scope proves invaluable for predator management and pest control, among other applications. With its ULTEM Composite Body and ergonomic design, the Collector series ensures durability and comfort during prolonged use, solving the problem of fatigue associated with heavy equipment.

Like other thermal sights in the Armasight lineup, the new Collector series includes the company’s Iron Wolf thermal-imaging processing technology, along with a 60 Hz refresh rate. This technology translates to a seamless and smooth user experience without the shooter needing to be affected by visual lagging during a critical scenario. Weighing only a little more than one pound, at 16.3 ounces, the new Armasight Collector thermal-sight series were designed to be lightweight and ideal for use on smaller-frame firearms, small-caliber rifles, air guns and crossbows. The Armasight Collector series compact outer profile drastically reduces cumbersome bulk that can get in the way of the shooter, especially on these smaller-frame or smaller-caliber hunting implements.

With the Collector Series three-button control design, Armasight engineered these thermal sights with operator ease-of-use in mind. These devices offer eight different reticle options, multiple color palettes, video recording and image capturing. Users can take advantage of this wide array of features to get the best experience and extract exactly what they need from the Armasight Collector Series Thermal Sights.

The starting retail price for the Armasight Collector 320 is $2,499 while the Armasight Collectors 640’s starting price begins at $3,799. To learn more about the new Collector thermal sights or other thermal imaging products sold by Armasight, visit the company’s website at

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