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First Look: C&H Precision Red Dot Tube Mount

C&H Precision is expanding its general-products catalog by offering tube mounts for mounting a red dot on top of a magnified riflescope. These mounts are meant for mini- and micro-red dots like the ones typically mounted to handgun slides, and give the shooter a viable solution of adding a piggyback red dot to their scopes without having to mount the red dot elsewhere on the rifle. C&H will be offering mounts that are compatible with some of the most popular red-dot-optic footprints such as the Aimpoint ACRO, Shield RMSc and Trijicon RMR, which is also the same pattern used by a large variety of Holosun models. 

“C&H Precision is continually striving to innovate within our industry to make optics and mounting solutions easier and more accessible than ever,” said Tony Tetreau, marketing director of C&H Precision. “These new scope tube mounts will streamline the process of mounting your favorite pistol red dots to any 30mm or 34mm scope tubes that shooters may have on their firearms. This new line is the most recent installment in C&H’s venture to be the ultimate one-stop-shop for any gun enthusiast’s optics needs.”

C&H makes these new scope tube mounts available for both 30mm and 34 mm scopes, which are the most popular scope-body diameters for tactical scopes, which is what these add-on mounts are meant for. The premise is to have a quickly accessible aiming solution for odd or closer distance shots where using the scope itself is not convenient or too slow. Most of C&H’s new scope tube mounts retail for around $75. Visit to learn more about these new products, or any other optics mounting accessory offered by C&H.


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